2007 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards Jury 2007 : ANA BIELSCHOWSKY


Ana BielschowskyAna Bielschowsky graduated from the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television in 1997. She was born in Brazil where she focused her studies in music and started working at age nine in operas and ballets. She also wrote and published poetry and worked as a performance artist. She continued her studies in painting in Chile before moving to New York at age nineteen. She won two Wasserman awards for the short film “Fast Track” which she wrote and directed, amongst several other short films. She started her career in film development at various film studios and Fred Berner Films in New York, where she also worked in the production of the Oscar Winning film “Pollock”, amongst others. She also worked as an assistant for the IFP Market in New York and the Hamptons International Film Festival and at Mandalay Entertainment, MTV and Univision. She was the international liaison and feature film productions consultant at Hollywood.com (Baseline) for their industry based clientele division. She was the head of acquisitions for Northern Arts Distribution in Massachussets, USA and worked as an independent buyer for Activity Films in Brazil and Fore-Front Films in the USA. She was a research analyst for ISS and worked with the investor relations departments of companies such as Kinowelt and Constantin Films in Germany and Lions Gate in Canada. She copywrote “Luna Fish” a stock market based film finance company. After representing the Nomad Film Group, Ana shot documentaries for PBS in Miami and Raccord Producoes in Brazil and took a post-graduate in cinematography in ESCAC, Spain in 2002, becoming a camera technician for Arriflex Corporation . Ana worked in film finance and international sales for BV International and recently partnered with Ergo Entertainment and WWII Films and executive produced the film “The Fallen”. She is currently the CEO of MGP Corp in New York specializing in film acquisitions and international co-productions and holds a large slate of films in development and a large list of clients specially from South America. She is also currently an acquisitions consultant for Direct 8 Television (TNT) in Paris and is a member of UNAUSA.'


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