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Angel Film Awards Dame of Honour: GEMMA GARRETT MISS GREAT BRITAIN 2008


Gemma Garrett

Gemma Garrett (born 25 September 1981, Belfast) is the current Miss Great Britain and is without doubt, the most high profile holder of that title to date.

She has utilized her power as a beauty queen by becoming increasingly more involved in British politics, spearheading a campaign to bring ‘Beauty to Britain’ in three by-elections during 2008.

In May, Gemma stood as an independent candidate on a platform of ‘Beauties for Britain’ in the Crewe and Nantwich by election, followed by placing two of her candidates in the Henley by-election and most recently contesting the Haltemprice and Howden by-election in July representing the newly formed 'Miss Great Britain Party', of which she is the figurehead. Her candidacy attracted a highly commendable 521 votes, placing her in fifth position.

As a direct result of this, she has basked in a swathe of publicity in 2008, her picture has been in every national newspaper and she has drawn commentary and plaudits from politicians including Conservative Party leader David Cameron and his shadow Chancellor George Osborne and political analysts alike.

George Osborne in the Observer: “I popped off to the town square at Nantwich at lunchtime, where, along with a load of new Conservative voters, I encounter Miss Great Britain, otherwise known as Gemma Garrett. She invites me to the after-poll party of the Beauties for Britain party. I resist temptation and head back late to London.”

Gemma GarrettGemma GarrettSunday Times’ Rod Liddle: “I liked her. Her only two policies are: give the army better equipment and protection and help single mothers. She is also pro-42 days. Go, Gemma, go. Howden could do worse.”

Guardian columnist Ian Jack: “Miss Great Britain is a friendly young woman from Belfast, who has cousins serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and wants better pay for the troops.”

Andrew Vine, Yorkshire Post: “Miss GB, Gemma Garrett, is charming the socks
off everybody she meets, displaying an easy charm and ability to simply get on with people that most career politicians would envy.”

During her campaigns she has made dozens of appearances on television, most notably being interviewed on BBC’s Newsnight and Sky News’ Sunday Live with Adam Boulton to great acclaim. Most recently she went head to head with Carole Malone on The Alan Titchmarsh Show defending Beauty Pageants as a part of the centenary of the UK’s first recorded pageant.

Her modelling career has seen her featured in a host of national magazines and newspapers such as The Sun, News of the World, ZOO and the Daily Star. She is currently a reader’s favourite for the Daily Star and has adorned its pages every week since she became Miss Great Britain 2008 earlier this year.

She will soon be appearing on the big screen alongside the Hollywood action star Dolph Lundgren in Direct Contact, which is due for release in Autumn 2008. Previously to this, she was a body double for Sienna Miller in the film Layer Cake.

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