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Marco MazzoliLOGLINE
A young man commits suicide and discovers the afterlife is far from what we've believed.

Mark has everything to live for, or so it seems until his wife dies and so does his chance for happiness on Earth. One suicide later and he finds himself in the Afterlife.

Contrary to everything he believed there are no clouds or angels but instead a high tech facility where mankind gets processed. Mark is due to return to Earth to finish his time but this time he's going back with everything he's learned.

Personal Details:
Date of Birth: 20thOctober 1972

Marco Mazzoli, grew up in Los Angeles (California) until he’s 14 years old, returning to Italy. Arriving in Italy shortly before his 15nst birthday his big dream to become radio Dj came true and from then and today it remains his biggest love besides his dream to become a recognized writer/director.

After working for several local radio stations across the country, he finally jumps in to the nation wide networks, at the age of 19 he is the youngest radio dj of Italy.
In that period he will host several TV shows like:

“Castrocaro ’95” on Rai 1
“Mio Capitano” on Rai 2
“Numero zero” on Ra1 3
“Express” on Italia 1
“Night express” on Italia 1
“Bar show” on Match Music
“Zoombie” on Rosso Alice

From 1998, Marco starts working for one of the biggest nation wide radios: Radio 105 Network, his first experience will be opening the new studios in New York and broadcast from the States to Italy everyday for almost a year.
In 1999, Marco decides to fly back To Italy and start a new project:
“The 105 Zoo” the craziest radio show ever.
The show is still on the Air and counts the highest ratings in the whole country: More than 4 milion listeners every day.
Marco has been sued 161 times in the last 12 months…becoming the most sued dj in Italy, only because he always tells the truth about politics and politics.

Other Work Experience
Collaborator Channel 5 (mediaset) in Cologno Monzese (Present employment) "Striscia la notizia", the most popular tv show in Italy.
Air talent / TV Host RTL 102.5 Hit radio in Cologno monzese January 1993 to August 1996 Hosted several shows: Morning show, late night shows and live shows from the radio's club.
Air talent / Tv Host Radio Capital Network in Milan (Italy) May 1995 to October 1988 I hosted a show called "2 meno dieci" a comedy show on air every day from 1pm to 5pm. I also hosted the dance chart every saturday afternoon. I was responsible of all the jingle's and liners of the station.
Air talent Radio Station one Milan (Italy)
Hosted several shows:
“Music Factory”, TVB Ti voglio ballare.
Air talent/ Tv Host Radio 105 Network/Comedy Central (italy) in Milan (Italy) (Present employment) I host the most rated show in the whole country "The 105 Zoo"on Radio 105 network, on air daily from 2 pm to 4 pm, Monday through Sunday.
I 'm responsible of all the audio productions, the music selection on my show. On "Comedy Central" I host the tv version of the "Zoo" that received the best ratings of the year.

Education History
Istituto Europeo di Design in milano January 1987 to January 1991