2008 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards Member of Jury : REEM AZMY


Reem Assayed Ahmed Assayed Azmy

Reem Assayed Ahmed Assayed Azmy Egyptian Journalists born in Cairo,

2005 second forum of sport,for arab women journalists, Arab Union of Sportive Press, Cairo, Egypt.
2004 training in Al-Maraa Al yom magazine, Abou Dhabi, United Arab of Emirates.
2004 first forum journalists, arab Union of sport,for arab women Of sportive press, Amman, Jordan.
2001 training of sport, Sportive, egypto-morroccan brotherhood- Al-Ahram organization.
2000 training in computer and internet in Amac Center, Al-Ahram organization.
1995 Diploma in animation, institution Martel.
1995-1996 High studies of French literature. During this Period, I've got “excellent” grade for my research. “Surrealism With The Pencil of Paul Eluard And the Brush of Salvador Dali”.
1994: B.A of Art, department of French language and literature Ain Shams University. Grade: Good.
1990 Secondary certificate of lycee la liberte, Heliopolis High school.

Artistic Experience:
2007 Second private exhibition "The Charmers of the Cats and the Butterflies", in Al-Ahram art gallery.
2007 Participation in the exhibition of "The Art For All The Family", Shadicor art gallery,Heliopolis.
2005 First private exhibition “Noah Archaic”, in Al-Ahram art gallery, Studio206 "Maadi" and "Bicar" syndicate of the Egyptian journalists.
2005: Drawings of the book of children “A Child’s Eye”.
1997-2004: Participation in humoristic competition British Council in Agouza exhibition and in other similar exhibition abroad,in Japan,Turkey,and Belguim.
1997: participation in an exhibition in the "Centre Francais de Culture et de Coopération" in Monira.
1992-1996: I’ve participated annually in plastic arts Exhibitions held in "Centre Francais de
Culture et de Coopération" in Heliopolis annex.
1995: diploma of animation.
1999: Working as foreign affairs editor at Al Ahram Al Arabi magazine, Al-Ahram organization.
1996-1999: Training in Al Ahram Al Arabi magazine since its first edition, Al-Ahram organization.
Member of the syndicate of the Egyptian journalists.
Member of the alliance of the sport critics.

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