2008 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards Member of Jury : PROFESSOR SILVIA KRATZER


Silvia Kratzer

Silvia Kratzer is a professor of Film and Television and has taught both graduate seminars and undergraduate lecture classes at UCLA and at Chapman University.

In addition to her academic career she keeps busy as an executive producer and writer of documentaries, webisodes and feature films. Her recent projects include a PBS documentary with the title “The Last Shtetl,” a stunning portrait of a small Jewish community still living in the century-old way. 

With her partner of Global Edutainment and Legal Edutainment she presently is writing and producing two Web Series:

“Know Your Rights” provides a practical and easy way to understand the legal rights that we have in the U.S. Its mission is to help dispel the myths of the U.S. Legal System which often confuse the community. The format is an interactive and multi-media platform. Each Episode/Webicast is 3-4 minutes in duration and presents a dramatization of a legal issue.

“Meet the Future of Hollywood,” is a twelve part Web Series she has created offering an exculsive behind-the-scene glimpse of life as a film student at Chapman University. The series dramatizes a group of film students as they make the crucial leap from film student to Hollywood professionals.


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