2008 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards
Feature Film Entree's

'CROSS ROAD' feature film (Canada) drama - love story, 50 min

'AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD' feature documentary film (USA) drama, 90 min

'TRICKS OF A WOMAN' feature film (USA) romantic comedy, 90 min

feature documentary film (Australia) drama, 85 min

‘HATE-ENO-TABI - Shores Of Remembrance’
feature film (Japan) drama, 72 min

‘HEALING’ feature documentary film (Austria, Spain, Brazil), 60 min

‘THE APPERANCE OF A MAN’ feature film (USA, Jerusalem, Mexico), 103 min

'CAPRI YOU LOVE?’ feature film (German/Italy)

Short Film Entree's

'AL NESA' short documentary film (USA), 13 min

'CHASOMOGAMYA' short film (UK), 7 min

'TRACKS OF A SAINT' short film (USA) drama, 20 min

'STYX' short film (Cyprus, Greece) drama - love story, 18 min

‘OPEN CASKET’ short film (UK) black-comedy, 15min

‘ALBA’ short film (Italy) drama, 9 min

‘MAKE UP’ short film (Australia) comedy, 6 min

‘ANNE & JULIET’ short film (UK) drama, 12 min