2008 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Dear Guests,

Welcome to our 6th Anniversary of the Angel Film Awards 4th to 7th December, 2008.

The Angel Film Awards (AFA) has been an extremely growing and prosperous festival, and also rewarding for many new directors, who have a passion to make and write ground-breaking and highly creative films, both dynamic in filming and cinematography but also in content and dialogue. We have seen many directors, go onto achieve lucrative deals and long-term contracts to produce films and we encourage this, as we believe in supporting directors and creative’s in the industry of moving image.

Our philosophy at the AFA festival, is to support ‘Non-violent commercial films’ by giving creative people the opportunity to have a platform, in which you can showcase your work. We believe in giving creative’s a platform to their career and to advance and make great films, where the underlying feel is non-violent in nature. The AFA - MIFF is Non-Profit making independent - peace promoting festival, and grand marketing platform for your Film.

The Angel Film Awards are committed to peace, harmony, positive energy, cultural unity! ... Delivering new altruism through non violent int'l cinema at the AFA- MIFF!

The AFA are looking forward to having you at the festival as it will be a wonderful time for all creative’s to come together and support ‘Film’; meet with other film enthusiasts and have the opportunity to be met by the media and interviewed during the event, by the British filming team Italian TV, RMC international Radio live broadcast during the AFA with local & international press.

Kindest Regards,
Rosana Golden
Executive Festival Director