2009 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards 2009 Official Member of Jury: LUCIANO DE LUCA


Luciano de Luca, an Italian born actor from an Italian father and a French mother, studied as a simultaneous translator of English, Spanish and French at the University of Rome, Italy.

He had an exceptional career as an international model for more than 10 years that made him one of the most appreciated models in the world.

Some years ago Luciano was discovered, by mere chance, in Rome, Italy, for a Movie-of-the-week's lead ("IL PREZZO DELLA VITA" or "THE POWER OF LOVE") in the role of a firm consultant, shot all over Europe, whose budget was a co-production among France, Italy and U.K. where it has been released. Luciano de Luca for his first movie had already got his first prize as "best actor's debut" in an Italian Film Festival.

After this experience, de Luca, took the decision to seriously devote himself to his new career by leaving Europe for U.S.A. bound to Los Angeles, CA.

There he lived for some years attending the most renowned acting schools.

While studying, Luciano, took a break to go back to Europe (to Ireland, precisely) to shoot "MIA PER SEMPRE" or "MIA FOREVER" once again as a lead, and all in English opposite to John Savage and Claudia Cardinale as a war reporter especially sent to the Bosnian front-line conflict. After this, movie was released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, it got prize-nominated at the Italian Telegatto, the TV Movie Festival.

Luciano de Luca, then, went back to L.A. to continue study and a little while later had to fly again to Europe to shoot his favourite character (to what he says!) as a street-bum in a short movie that was prized with "Nastro d'Argento" (Silver Frame) at the Castrocaro Italian Film Festival ("LA BEFFA" or "THE MOCKERY").

In 1998, de Luca, has been preparing a TV Mini Series of 12 episodes, "DOTTORESSA JOE" or "DOCTOR JOE", a kind of "E.R."s Italian clone, where he plays a witty South American doctor.

Luciano has been interviewed on many European TV programs and he's been seen on many European magazines but he's now strongly trying to break in the American market where he has already played in school theatres and he's done TV commercials.

Luciano in the past years has never neglected his other scenic passion: the theatre. In his in-between TV movie periods he plays on stage, preferably, as a stand-up comedian.

In the years 2000 he played in three more TV Series as main roles starting to establish his ever more growing popularity and in particular, in 2002, he landed a recurring role in "STORIE DI GUERRA E DI AMICIZIA" pretending to be a blind Swiss performing an international spy during World War II.

Soon after, for Luciano, a little role in a police TV Series, magically, worked as a springboard for his popularity.

In "VIVERE" or "LIVING BY THE LAKESIDE", the most followed Italian TV Soap Opera, he plays, in the years between 2005 and 2007, one of the leading roles as "the bad man" that has led him to the "Saint Vincent TV Festival" as one of the three finalists for "Best Soap Opera Actor" of the year 2006.

While his ever-growing popularity, in 2007 shoots a feature-film key role as Bux in "PRINCIPESSA" next to Piera degli Esposti e Vanessa Gravina.

Back to television, in 2008, he is "Saverio Massa" with legendary Terence Hill in "L'UOMO CHE CAVALCAVA NEL BUIO" or "THE MAN WHO RODE IN THE DARK", a two-episode-Tv Mini series for Italian RAIUNO.

In 2009, Luciano is on "CASA COOP" set for an exhilarating 6-episode-micro-SitCom, conceived for the web and for the Italian digital TV, performing "Xavier Cervantes", a Spanish teacher with a "veiled" gay personality.

Again, in the year 2009, he works on LARIA, the Valerio Jaolongo's latest feature-film with Valeria Golino, playing Ciotti, a relentless music producer.

Luciano de Luca's prime passion is writing lyrics. His poems are available on internet.

He is fluent in French; Spanish; Portuguese; Italian; English.

His Official Website is presented to welcome his revered visitors at: