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A woman's fantasy love-letter to a collection of her favourite men from history...

A woman's fantasy love-letter to a diverse collection of famous men from history including Marlon Brando, engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and rock star Jim Morrison...

A woman remembers her love-affairs with a diverse collection of famous men from history including Marlon Brando, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and rock star Jim Morrison.


Josephine Halbert is a British artist, writer and filmmaker who lives in London. Her work in print and filmmaking has been exhibited at galleries and festivals internationally. TIME TRAVEL BOYFRIENDS, her latest work was firstly devised as a book and artwork in print and was shown as solo shows in London in 2007/2008 at Beverley Knowles Fine Art (now Knowles/Gresle Fine Art) and Tenderpixel Galleries and the Chelsea Festival 2008 in London before she developed the idea for film based on her published book (ZedSaid 2007). More exhibitions of the work are planned for 2010 in the U.K. including a showcase at the artist's local 'childhood' cinema in Hexham, Northumberland, England where her love of film took hold! TIME TRAVEL BOYFRIENDS, her short film completed in the autumn of 2009 will premiere at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2009 (official selection, International Competition).

Her previous films include WHEN IT SUITS ME... (1999) an animated short film (working with award winning animator Sheila Graber) based on her book about fantasy characters in search of spiritual and sensual pleasure was shown in competition at film festivals including Raindance, London, Montecatini, Italy, Aubagne, France and Delhi and also at art galleries in the UK. SHADOW BUDDY (2003), her first dramatic narrative about a woman meeting the grown-up version of her childhood imaginary friend and is a tribute to the director's own imaginary friend stars Sukie Smith and it screened at film festivals including Sitges (Brigadoon Section) and Chichester (competition) and at gallery exhibitions and showcased by Little Song Films in the U.K. who specialise in presenting films created in the poetic image genre.

TIME TRAVEL BOYFRIENDS, the recently completed ten minute short, is her first experience with 35mm film and was filmed in the U.K. happily using a 1960s film camera owned by the film's Director of Photography. "It made a noise like a coffee grinder when it rolled which was appreciated by all but didn't matter a bit as we shot the film without sound... it gave a welcome kind of timeless feel to the whole thing which is what we hoped to capture in the work..."