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Karen, 40, embarks on a provocative journey of self-discovery and sexual liberation when she finds love in the arms of a much younger man, Alex.


Karen is a 40-year old divorcee and a successful children's writer. She lives with Sarah, her troubled 14-year old daughter. When Sarah reveals her desire to become a model and go to Paris, Karen's half-concerned, half-spiteful reaction triggers her daughter to run away from home.

Overwhelmed with guilt and sorrow, Karen tries to drink herself into oblivion. Months later she meets up with a collection of younger men for some fast, meaningless sex. Whis Alex, a 17-year-old computer genius, she finds herself falling in love.

Alex brings Karen back to life with his variety and passion. But when his responsibilities and lies threaten to catch up with him, Alex's resulting decisions downgrades Karen's role in his life from rank of secret lover to that of occasional mistress. While trying to put her life back together from Alex's sudden rejection, Karen has to deal with Jackie, a young woman whose infatuation with Karen puts her squarely in stalker territory.

In addition to Jackie's incessant harassment, Karen's life becomes even more confusing when, in hopes that she will find solace in a more stable and mature relationship, Karen's best friend Mia matches Karen with one of her closest friends. In Sebastian, a French classical pianist, Karen finds a healthy, rational relationship but still longs for the seductive and sensual arms of Alex.

Karen balances her time between both men, but life's obstacles constantly push her to choose between them. Each option presents to her an unsure path that could lead to a better future or else a lonely one.


Sasha A. Schriber, writer/director, 29 years old, a daughter of the German and Russian parents has always had a passion for film and has been writing screenplays for the past 10 years. She discovered that school was not enough to quench the thirst of her creative vision, and her curiosity about the world around her inspired her to become a ferocious advocate for self-education. While entrenched in a coffee shop with her book and laptop, she met her future husband, Peter and the couple has since travelled all over the world.

Now Sasha splits her time between her home in Europe and her temporary digs in Vancouver, Canada, where she was filming her first feature film directorial debut, Open Diaries. It was written, shot and edited in a very short period of time - only 8 months.

Sasha is currently developing two another projects - Seven Days of Azure (A boy with a troubled home life and a creative mind makes a deal with the devil. He trades in his muse (a tangible personality) in exchange for security, money, and a better home for himself and his younger sister, but later finds he cannot cope without it. Genre: Fantasy Thriller, Mystics, Drama, 120 min) and Glaciers (A group of five skiers travel to Antarctica and disappeared under the ice. Genre: Psychological Thriller, Drama, Adventure, 130 min).