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Carsten Rauin is a German writer and producer and now lives in Switzerland.
He studied at the University of Applied Science in Mönchengladbach, Germany, worked for more than 20 years as a production manager in the fashion industry and then changed to the film biz.
Deeply infected with the writing virus, he worked on short novels and stories since his childhood before he changed to serious screenplay and novel writing.
Carsten has been writing screenplays and novels for several years.


Katharina is confused. Seemingly very ill, the melancholy girl meets five blind men who drive her insane with their naive nonchalance. When the men appoint her as their "volunteer" tour guide, their journey becomes a medley of chaos and reincarnation.


KATHARINA (29) is confused. Apparently she has an inherited disorder that drives her to bouts of depression. She sits weeping in a café in Zurich where JOHANNES (67) finds her and introduces her to his friends. Facing the blind and dispassionate men, Katharina feels helpless and uncomfortable.
She escapes the situation but the men have already taken a liking to her. With their bags packed, they stand before her door and talk her into going on a journey with them. Katharina, who believes she has nothing to lose, finally complies and serves as a tour guide for the stubborn men.

JOHN (37), a handsome Irishman who possesses an endless thirst for beer, immediately falls for the pretty girl.
He works his charm on her but to no avail. Even MIKE (25), a clumsy oaf and the youngest of the group, tries his hand at enchanting Katharina.
The group travels to Provence, France the region from which Katharina’s family originates.
Because of the men’s disability and their lack of experience outside of their usual surroundings, the journey proves to be complicated. Katharina is increasingly irritated, PANACHE (34), simple-minded and gluttonous but lovable, is constantly hungry and the crabby GORKI (50) appoints Katharina as his favorite foe.

Meanwhile, the rash departure of the blind men has not gone unnoticed.Their room looks ransacked.
Their home’s management and the police suspect they have been collectively kidnapped. A search is organized.Interpol is soon called in and the whole debacle snowballs. Katharina, however, looks for her relatives who should be found in a small village. Nevertheless, the arrival of the group is perceived as anything but friendly.

PHILLIPE (42), the ringleader of the community,showers them with all kinds of warnings. Strange happenings, accidents,and strange tasting food in the only restaurant give the group the feeling that they are not welcome. What secret could be hidden in this inconspicuous village?
As As the gendarme arrives on the scene with search papers in hand, it appears the six will take flight.
Not, however, before first ratting out Philippe. In an old minivan,Katharina drives the group in the direction of Côte d’Azur. They’re having a ball until Katharina collapses at the steering wheel.
Her condition is so serious that she has to go to a hospital immediately. Gorki, of all people, who seemingly can’t stand her, saves her by taking over the steering wheel and allowing her to guide him. With tear-filled eyes he confesses the true reason for his antagonistic behavior.