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Jaya, a moody, abrasive teenager with an often violent temper – is the chosen one to stop Odion’s negative force to take over the Eden-like parallel world; Emodea. But how can Jaya conquer the enemy, when this time fighting and violence are not the way to succeed?


Conny S. Reich grew up in a little village called Bad Ragaz in the region of the Heidiland, Switzerland, where in the 18th Century the best-selling author Johana Spiry wrote the story of Heidi.

Enchanted by the beautiful natural landscape around her home, protected and sheltered by the powerful mountains, she knew early on that nature is a priceless good that we must take care of.

Stories and fantasy worlds have always been her passion. Great German writers like; Michael End; the author of The Neverending Story and Jostein Gaarder the author of Sophie's World are her role models.

She discovered her love for writing at Primary School. Creating a story from scratch was her favorite home work. Much to her teachers' chagrin who had to correct essays of 10 to 20 pages, rather than the standard single page. Later on in High School, she started to write poems and short stories.

After school, her mother convinced her to study tourism, because of her language talent.

In 2001 she graduated successfully in Tourism and Event Management.

She worked in a luxury hotel as banquet and event coordinator, where she even had the chance to organize an event for Al Gore.

In spite of her success, she found herself missing the writing and the creation of imaginary worlds. During one night in 2005 the idea of Jaya And The Golden Smayrin overcame her and she began to write the manuscript thereof.

From 2006 until 2007 Conny S. Reich studied Film Production and Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

In 2008 visa issues, however, forced her to return back to Switzerland, where she got a job as personal assistant to a Film Producer at the largest film production company in Switzerland, called C-Films. There she met the talented author and screenwriter Carsten Rauin with whom she revised Jaya And The Golden Smayrin in 2009.

Conny S. Reich remains the owner and founder of the project. She is the author and the executive producer of the project and Carsten Rauin is her business partner.

Conny’s goal with this story:

Her primary goal is to bring a story to the market, which supports young people in their faith in life and in their dreams. Furthermore, she wants to show them through an entertaining plot how important feelings and ideas are in our lives. They should realize that everything is connected and linked to each other and that our earth needs our positive vibe to function well. Conny S. Reich and Carsten Rauin believe that there is a growing market for novels/stories without violence and with a more environmentally minded, spiritual focus instead, Jaya And The Golden Smayrin covers all of that and a lot more.