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Monaco International Film Festival 2006 - Photo Gallery

Opening Night Party with Greenpeace International at the Hermitage Hotel, Monte- Carlo

Hotel Hermitage and Place du Casino during the Monaco IFF


Monaco by night

The Angel Award ceremonies

Princess Grace Theatre



Master of Ceremony DonovanOn stage singer-composer Ambassadress Michaela Foster MarshDonovan and Rosana festival director at the Princess Grace Theatre interview Rainstorm/Oasis US film team

Donovan on stage TV3 news New Zealand & Hollywood film team liveAngel Trophy AwardAll Winners on Stage!

Awards Ceremony Rosana, Dean, Donovan on stage First called up stage receiving an Angel, Helen Grace & JC MAC - Are you ready for love
Michaela & Rosana and Lara Greenwood Rosana Golden festival director

receiving angel award from Donovan, Simon Kaplan producer Life Is A Buffet Simon Kaplan with his cast beautiful actressTatiana Ouliankina in Life Is A Buffet Tatiana on stage

Cast of FATED live interviewed by Hollywood Film Team Kate Robbins, Joe Scott and Cast of Fated on camera at Princess Grace Theatre On stage Donovan & producer Joe Scott of Fated prior to awards presenting the movie Fated, prod.Joe Scott, actress Kate Robbins, actress Katrine de Condole, actor Michael Angelis

at Theatre Princess Grace Kate Robbins getting her award Kate receiving her Angel Award not knowing what comes next?? heya surprise.. Kate her cousin sends wishes over from Liverpool all the way to Monacoand Paul to Kate..support the actress....jumping and singing!! smiling faces..Kate you deserved it! Kate Robbins Best Supporting Actress in Fated


2006 Winners Kim Kindersley, Julian....etc. Awards Night Party Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, from left Kim, Julian, Renu, Michaela, Donovan-Linda,Helen, JCMaC, Daniela Dean, Yael, Micky and Julian Lennon
Donovan on Guitar live at Princess Grace TheatreMonte Carlo Bay Ice Angels and Dean Bentley Festival ProducerAngels - Ice - Champagne and Nicolas Kahn at Monte Carlo BayMichaela live on stage at the Princess Grace Theatre
Martin Atkin film director Greenpeace Int'l receiving Angel Peace Award for The Boat And The Bomb from Donovan Master Of Ceremony Greenpeace film director Martin Atkin Martin Atkin - Donovan - Aurelia de Polignac Martin, Donovan & Aurelia de Polignac on Stage Martin Atkin speaking to the Audience
Are You Ready For Love..one of more Angel Awards for director Helen Grace &  actor JC MAC on stage with Donovan and Michaela from Scotland 2006 festival's Ambassador JC MAC & Helen Grace Q & A with the Audience at the Princess Graceone more  Angel award for Helen Grace

Up on stage one of two Angel Awards Best Documentary & Humanitarian Angel Award for director Yael Klopmann and producer Micky Rabinovitz for Storm Of Emotions Micky addressing the Audience with Yael,  Jury board member Cliona Buckley from Ireland, Donovan festival supporter & jury board member Cliona Buckley with Micky Rabinovitz & Yael Klopmann happy faces Yael receiving Angel Award from Michaela & Donovan lots of hugs & kisses for the winners!! Interview Rainstorm/Oasis US film team with Yael & Micky at the Princess Grace Theatre prior to Awards night

Neil Mandt and all cast on stage, actress Heather Petrone, actor Marc Carter, actor Donahue Jarret, Eric Wing, actor Greg Poppen Q & A sessions with the makers of Las Stop For Paul Director, Producer Neil Mandt being interviewed by Rainstorm/Oasis Awards Ceremony Angel Award for Neil Mandt Best Narrative- Last Stop For Paul Neil addressing the Audience at the Angel Awards Ceremony filmed live by TV3 news New Zealand Neil & Donovan Master Of Ceremony

Kim Kindersley up on stage receiving for his achievement Best Independent Spirit Angel Award - Master of Ceremony Donovan happy faces always from the heart..is best!! An Angel for The Gathering: Return Of the WhaleDreamers Awards Ceremony moments before calling up the winner for best film The Angel Awards Trophy to director Kim Kindersley (angel trophy designed by Rosana) for best film The Gathering Of the WhaleDreamers (Australia) Real tears..of happiness...you deserve it Kim! All smiles!! Kim and friends A toast to 2006 Winner Kim Kindersley, Julian Lennon, Dear & Rosana festival Organizers Dean Bentley, Kim Kindersley, Julian Lennon, Ciro Orsini, Rony Bridges Awards Celebration party Monte-Carlo Bay - Hotel

Ciro, Ramona and JC MAC after Awards Night Angels Cliona Buckley (Jury), Joe Scott (all the way from Liverpool), British actor Michael Angelis with Wife Michaela & Rosana
British actress Kate Robbins (film Fated) Three Angels Opening Night Party  Greenpeace International

VIP Lounge Blue Gin-MCBay Awards Night Party Fun Party MC Bay, from left Ziara, Rosana, Kate, JCMac, Daniella, Helen.

Opening Night Greepeace Int'l Party Donovan live on Camera TV3 news & Film Team LA  Hostess MegHan C. Rogers Grace, Meghan C. Rogers, Rosana Opening Night Party Hermitage Hotel VIP Guest Rosi Barbosa from Brazil

Greenpeace International Opening Night Film Party, Salle Belle Époque-Hermitage Hotel

Fest Opening Gala Evening Hermitage Hotel Daniella Gonella, Ciro Orsini, Steve Kaplan, Ramona (Miss Rumania) Gala Evening live camera on filmmaker Martin Atkin of Greenpeace Int'l Dean Bentley Festival Producer, Steve Sawyer of Greenpeace Int'l (climate & energy), actress Tatiana  Ouliankina

Gala Party cast & US director Neil Mandt of Last Stop For Paul Cheers to Rony Bridges (Jury), Ambassadress Michaela, actor Michael Angelis Life is a Buffet, Uk producer Simon Kaplan cast Tatiana Ouliankina & VIP guest

Gala Greenpeace party VIP Guest & Jury Member Dean Dunham & Robbin Greenpeace Gala party Hermitage Hotel Prince Max Schaumburg-Lippe & his Mother Princess Schaumburg

Princess de Polignac & Donovan Aurelia de Polignac & Rosana live on camera TV3 news Gala Greenpeace Party Prince Polignac & Rosana

Cast & director "Last Stop for Paul" at Gala Party Hermitage Heather & Jim OasisProductions, Alexander Kaufmann No1Entertainment & Jury Member. Steve, Rosana, Sarah-Grace, Jim.. at Gala Opening Party Jury Member Rony Bridges & Daniella Gonella DG Productions

Carol Davis, director Kim Kindersley & Francine at the Gala Opening Greenpeace Int'l al Hermitage French Delegation Vip guest Gala Opening Greenpeace International at Hermitage Hotel Madame Forssius and Vip guest Dean Bentley and Prince Polignac

Dean Bentley Festival Producer with talent Joanna Fernandez US actress Heather Petrone ("Last Stop For Paul")
film party at La Rascasse VIP guest & Dana Théveneau Director of Var Film Commission Alexander Kaufmann Jury Board & VIP Guest at "La Rascasse Film Party" Film Party "ALTOVIA" Monte Carlo Darren Paul London Official MonacoIFF Photographer & Meghan C Rogers LA Media Design at "ALTOVIA" party Monte Carlo

Live concert Donovan at the Angel film Awards- MonacoIFF
Donovan & Dean on stage! getting ready...Don & Dean!!


Photo Credits:

Darren Paul
Rai Herz


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