2011 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

2011 Dame of Honour & Offical Jury Member Victoria Aitken


The Angel Film Awards are important because it highlights the importance of keeping violent films away from our society, something I strongly believe in By having less violent films on the marked will help keep the world a safer place. I believe there is a strong correlation between violence, and crime and violent films.

So its wonderful to have an awards that celebrate peace, harmony and positive energy somthing we all need more of.

Born in Lausanne Switzerland, Victoria Aitken is British, Swiss and Serbian descendant. Educated in Switzerland and Germany. Victoria further earned a degree in International Relations in the United States from Georgetown University. Victoria, a singer and a writer Professionally. She has taken genuine interest in politics publishing numerous articles in the British press and has taken an active role in philanthropic matters.

Victoria has co-produced a documentary on major philanthropists in the world and to further her personal plight, she is about to released her first book detailing her journey to Northern Sahara to highlight the plight the Sahrawi people in Algeria. Her book is a moving tribute to their struggle, their open hearted hospitality and inextinguishable pride.

Victoria Aitken is best known for her musical endeavours and has currently got songs on the top of the charts in Germany and in the UK. She has had 6 hit songs all in the top 20 in the UK dance charts.

Victoria is currently working on her first album, having recently completed the five singles, Sunshine, Flirt in a skirt (Sexy Skirt),

Her songwriting abilities were mentioned in magazines such as The New York Times, NewYork Magazine, Vogue, GQ, XXL, W Magazine, Elle , The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Hot magazine Spain, the Cyprus mail and many others.She's also performes on Turkish TV, Cyprus TV show Alive. And inToronto she was interviewed for the E ! network.