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Educated in England, Christian is half Danish and has spent much time in Scandinavia, where he began his career in television. He wrote and directed PALE FACES AND STRANGER LOOKS (1994) as part of the experimental documentary & film forum led by the head of the Hungarian film school,. The documentary was a raw and uncompromising look at the lives of prostitutes in Oslo, Norway and was subsequently shown on Scandinavian television the following year.

Christian then wrote and directed HARRY (1996), a pilot feature via Lars Von Triers' company, Zentropa Entertainment and Angel Arena Film in Denmark. A bitter, sweet Danish comedy, complete with an original jazz soundtrack, HARRY charts the highs and lows of a newly divorced man, forlornly chasing women half his age, starring Ulrich Thomsen (The Celebration) and Colin Campbell (My Beautiful Launderette & The Leather Boys).

Christian has completed an independent movie in LA and has just embarked upon his latest with producer Don Carmody (Chicago, Silent Hill):

In post production - Saskatchewan, Canada

13 EERIE Screenplay by Christian Piers Betley.

The living cast includes Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) in the role of Megan, Michael Shanks (Stargate, Burn Notice, Smallville) in the role of Professor Tomkins, Brendan Fletcher (The Pacific, Freddy vs Jason) cast as Josh and Nick Moran (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) plays Larry. Brendan Fehr (Bones, CSI: Miami) plays an undergraduate criminal sciences student.

The producers are Kevin Dewalt (The Tall Man, Faces in the Crowd), Don Carmody and Mark Montague (The Tall Man, Faces in the Crowd). Roger Christian (Bandido, Underworld) is the executive producer. and the film is the feature debut for director Lowell Dean.

In post production - Los Angeles, USA

DARK HEARTS Screenplay by Christian Piers Betley, Kyle Schmid, Sonja Kinski, Lucas Till, Rachel Blanchard and Juliet Landau, Goran Visnic and Richard Edson. The film was produced by Christian Piers Betley, Kees Van Ostrum, Alexis Varouxakis and the executive producer was Jack Bowyer.

'Dark Hearts', the feature debut for UK/South African director Rudolf Buitendach, kicks off when a struggling artist accompanies his younger brother to a secret gig where he finds his muse in sultry singer (Kinski) only to be thrust into a maelstrom of art, infatuation and passion, leading to a dangerous love triangle.

Christian's also the screenwriter for an Australian-Canadian co- production currently in development about a (non-fiction) sailing drama entitled FORSAKEN, and is now developing a TV drama series.



During Rhodesia's genocide and Civil War... one man stood for peace.


On Friday Hill is based on a true story which takes place against the setting of Malayan jungle warfare in World War II and Zimbabwe's Civil war in the 1970s. By August 1979, there were only two white men left in the area of Mutoko, a trading post about 70 miles from Salisbury (now Harare). One of them was John Bradburne, an Englishman who lived life as a pilgrim and was devoted to the outcasts of society, having turned his back on a privileged background to care for lepers at a settlement in Mutemwa.

The film focuses on Bradburne's fascination with solitude, and his heroic faith, to lay down his life for his friends, in his case the destitute poor.

At the height of the troubles, Bradburne vanished from the round tin hut that was his home. Three days later, his near naked body was discovered beside the main road. He had been shot.