2011 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Graham has worked in all phases of the entertainment industry for 35 years. He has written 20+ screenplays. He was recently approached by a UK producer and a UK Director to write a yet UNTITLED, controversial adventure/thriller set during 1885 in Russia and India. NOR THE MOON BY NIGHT (WWII Drama set in South Pacific) is currently in development in London UK. BAFTA and Academy Award winning crew and Director are attached. BAGGY PANTS (comedy) is in development in NYC, budgeted at $5M WRITTEN IN BLOOD (action thriller) is on the slate of an Australian producer, budgeted at $3.5million. He has made one short film which won an award at a Sydney festival. Two of his screenplays have been entered for the ANGEL FILM AWARDS (2011) in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He has written and directed two children’s musicals for the stage and won an award for one of these. He was instrumental in obtaining financing for a very successful weekend of youth, drama, music and dance. He has had many years experience as a publicist/advertising executive in the field of entertainment.

He started his career as a projectionist and advanced to cinema management in his birthplace, Auckland, New Zealand. In the early 70’s he settled in Australia and started work as a sales representative for Universal Pictures, Sydney. He started acting with roles in film and television including Caddie (with Jack Thompson & 2010 Oscar Nominee, Jackie Weaver). He was offered a position with R&R Theaters and eventually became their European Sales Representative. During his time in the UK he met Academy Award winning set dresser, Ian Whittaker (Remains of the Day) who introduced him to many in the industry at Shepparton and Bray Studios. In the following years he was employed in cinema and live theatre management with Hoyts Theaters, Village Roadshow, Harry M. Miller (Jesus Christ Superstar) & J.C. Williamson Theaters, Australia.

In the early 80’s he moved to the United States, won various awards in photography and met some of Hollywood’s most prominent people. He was producer and cinematographer on a series of documentaries on the Rivers of the West screened on PBS TV. By 2000 he had furthered his career with professional development: Writers’ Guild of Australia workshops, business partnerships, risk management, management consultant for actors/musicians, film budgeting, training in choreography (ballroom, square and jazz ballet), western stunt riding, understanding youth in the millennia generation and youth suicide prevention. He directed many community theatre stage productions, won numerous awards and produced three professional stage productions.

He was awarded a World Pater Award for Best Pilot for a TV Series, F-STOP, winning over top American writers from Cagney and Lacey. This script was later development as a feature film Three of his screenplays are currently on Literary Movies website as E-Scripts, downloaded by readers for a fee. Colleagues include: Mark Shelton VFX (Academy Award Team for Titanic), Peter Frampton (Oscar Winner Make-up, Braveheart), Josh McLaghlen, Exec.Prod, Night at the Museum, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Kevin Costner & Jim Wilson (Dances with Wolves) and Sam Worthington (Actor, Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Gettin’ Square (He also appeared alongside Sam in this movie).


An ordinary woman, trapped in an extraordinary situation...


Based on true events during WWII in the South Pacific-some names gave been changed for dramatic purpose.

DOROTHY ZELLER, 40-50, a courageous and independently spirited woman lives an idyllic life with her devoted husband, DANIEL ZELLER, 50-55. They own the successful Double D Kauri Timber Company which transports regular shipments of kauri to Australia and New Zealand by freighter. Following the attack on Pearl Harbour, America moves more troops into the South Pacific in an attempt to stop the advance of Japanese warships. Dorothy has taken on the task of a coast watcher and has been advised by ADMIRAL WILLIAM ‘BULL’ HALSEY, 59 she is at great risk broadcasting troop movements from her island home and must find a safer haven. Their closest friend is the passionately religious, FATHER DONNELLY, 25-35.

An American battleship is blown up offshore and the lone survivor PFC RICHARD WILLIS (20) is washed up on the beach, rescued by Father Donnelly and taken to recuperate at the Zeller residence. Dorothy treks off high into the mountains to a secret location where she sets up her radio transmission station in a cave. As the Japanese move closer to the island they obtain information from other coast watchers on her whereabouts. A cyclone hits the island, coinciding with the arrival of a ship to evacuate refugees and causes considerable damage including destruction of the church.

Some weeks later Dorothy returns for supplies only to encounter a Japanese patrol. A cat and mouse chase follows through crocodile infested mangrove swamps and they witness Daniel and Father Donnelly’s death by the Japanese. Willis is forced to lead the Japanese up the mountain where Dorothy has now returned. Her execution is planned for the following day albeit Willis rescues her. With the Japanese in pursuit, Dorothy, now a true fighting lady comes face to face with the Commander. She knows she must kill him against all odds.