2011 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Maxine worked as a literary agent in Beverly Hills at a boutique agency that represented Martin Scorsese’s writing partner out of NYU. His stories about writing and his process, sparked an interest in Maxine that led her away from agenting, to ghost-writing screenplays for a host of clients, and now to the Angel Film Awards - Monaco Int’l Film Festival, where she is presenting her first screenplay - Raison D’etre - which is her original idea and bears her own name.


A self-made American billionaire loses a fortune in the world's biggest ponzi scheme while on a business trip to the South of France, only to find something more valuable - himself.


Kevin Beckett was the poster boy for the American dream - self-made billionaire, handsome, fit, super model girlfriend - until the 2008 recession hit all his enterprises hard -- except for his celebrity magazine.

Hoping to use the success and momentum of a blockbuster summer swimsuit issue to energize his other businesses, Kevin travels to the South of France with an entourage, and instantly butts heads with Brooke the owner of the villa he rented for the photo shoot.

But lucky for Kevin, circumstances continually throws him together with Brooke, and not only does he bond with someone from his own generation who understands him, but Brooke introduces him to a different way of thinking that starts to take him back to the person he was when he originally started his career. When he was happy.

And just as things are starting to click again for Kevin, his brother Neil, a partner in his businesses arrives with the news that Kevin has lost his fortune in the world’s largest ponzi scheme.

Kevin has to reluctantly go back to New York and face his demons. Will he be able to straighten out his finances and find his raison d'etre. And if he does find his reason for being, will it bring him back to Brooke?

Maxine’s raison d’etre:

Right now Maxine’s reason for being is to turn her screenplay into a feature film. And when that happens Maxine is hoping to get her dream crew:

Director: Nora Ephron

Lead Actor: George Clooney

Lead Actress: Emmanuelle Beart