2011 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Lagos-born Segilola Scott, actor, writer and painter, as a child hoped to become a doctor until she saw Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen. From then on she knew she wanted to be an actress. Segilola, after moving to England with her father took on the highly praised course acting for Film and TV at the esteemed Arts Educational School. This defined her passion for acting and thus she further pursued training to master the art. She earned a degree in Media Arts from the Royal Holloway University of London where she was given the opportunity to express and build her talent to an advanced level. She finished with a BA Honours degree and a number of film lead roles for her CV. After graduating, she was scouted by Stephanie Sinclair, the artistic director of the well renowned Kings Head Theatre where she played Esmeralda the Mermaid in J. M. Barry’s Peter Pan. Here, she made her professional acting debut. From there she went on to perform as Nani of the Maroons at the Hackney Empire and then as the greatest African singer of all time, Miriam Makeba, also at the Hackney Empire.

Not wanting to be categorized as just an ‘actress’ and with the desire to learn more about the film industry, Segilola went on to earn a Masters Degree in Cinema Studies at The University of Bristol. Here she acted in many of the small productions and was cast as the female lead, Soraya, in a London Film School Masters production, Slaughterhouse. After graduation, she was sought after by Ben TV, the largest TV channel in London that focuses on the African Diaspora to be the lead in a TV show Crazy Lovely Cool. Unfortunately due to economic circumstances, the show ended. However, that did not stop Segilola, if anything, it equipped her with the will power to continue with her career progression and so she has written her own parts. Her first feature film script called Tainted Canvas based is on her childhood experiences. Currently she works as a Development and Research Executive at one of the most revered international film sales and production companies in London, Intandem Films.

Segilola is continuing her training and recently completed the Shot to be Seen course at the Actors Studio this fall. She recently finished shooting the pilot and first episodes of BREACH a new Black TV series for which she won a BEST ACTRESS AWARD in the Black Entertainment Industry.

This is just the beginning for Segilola. It hasn’t been easy, coming from a small community in Lagos, Isolo, but she has gone far and compared to her peers, she is breaking barriers.


BREACH / Aissa (lead) - Current
CRAZY LOVELY COOL pilot / Taye (lead) - 2009
Hot Spice / Zoe - 2009
SLAUGHTERHOUSE / Soraya - 2009
WRITERS BLOCK / Femme Fatale - 2009
SNAP / Wife (voice) - 2009
ME ME ME TV pilot / Foxy - 2008
TV Doctor - 2008
THE BOX / Sarah - 2005
JIMMY / Siren - 2005
ROAD RAGE / Lucy - 2004
BITTER, HURT & BORED / Friend - 2004


IDENTITY ‘Who am I?’ / Ooabafada - 2007
Free at Last / Nanny of the Maroons - 2007
Black Heroes / Miriam Makeba - 2006
Peter Pan / Esmeralda (Mermaid) - 2006
Ten Commandments / Moses - 2004
Ovid’s metamorphosis / Veronica the Nymph - 2003


2006: Sickle Cell and Novartis Artist Recognition Award/Scholarship


Our Lady’s Convent High School: 3 A-Levels
Royal Holloway University of London: BA (Hons) Media Arts
Bristol University: MA Cinema Studies


Love beckons for Meena, but first she must come to terms with the terrible events in her childhood, especially the cruelty of her mother.


Meena is a young and talented successful media type working in London with a harrowing past. From a very early age, Meena was sexually exploited and prostituted by her own mother in the most terrifying circumstances. She attempts to deal with the issue and move on with her life, by starting a loving relationship with a charming young man named Toks. However her nightmares fail to release her from the past. This hold further torments Meena when she receives a call from Nigeria from her Aunt explaining that her mother is on her death bed and Meena’s presence is required. She is torn between the life she has made for herself in London and facing her past back in Nigeria. Eventually, she plucks up the resolve and takes that great step.

Although the journey back to Nigeria is emotional, tumultuous and challenging for Meena, she is able to make peace with her mother and her past, and returns to London a new woman, with the hope that there is a bright and beautiful future made for her. This future includes having a loving family but also helping those who have or are in the same boat as Meena previously was.

This is a story of courage, hurt, hope, pain, faith and most importantly - love.