2011 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Steve Whiteside: Steve is one of the lead writers at Keen City (www.keencity.com), an award-winning production company based in London. Along with Nick Goulden, Keen City’s founder and pater familias, Steve has written two sure-fire hit comedy features of the future: The Cult, an ensemble piece about a mysterious Guru, and The Tyrants’ Cup, a screwball deathmatch between history’s greatest despots. He is also involved in two sitcom projects: Keen City’s Private Dick, a skew-whiff take on the world of film noir, and The Agency, a satire on the advertising industry. He is a great believer in quantity over quality.

Andy Goulden: Andy is the youngest member of Keen City’s writing team, and as such should not be left alone near scissors. Despite writing comedy for most of his recent life, the only award he has received for his work is third place at his school's performing arts show. He has an interest in lighter-than-air flight and giving inanimate objects names. Andy has a cat called Matti and a computer called Mr Pixels.

Will Goulden: Will is the second-youngest member of Keen City’s writing troupe, and also the least mature. A fact that is, age aside, going some. He is a fresh face to the world of comedy writing, bringing with him the enthusiasm and optimism of a soul not yet corrupted. Will is currently reading Maths at the University of Surrey, and spending most of his spare time making short films that are literally watched by people.


Liberation, desolation and salvation are all heading in Frankie Lovelocke's direction. Just maybe not in the way he hoped. And possibly not in that order.


Today should be a good day for Frank Lovelocke, a cheeky, cocksure and occasionally-competent East End conman. For one thing, he's getting out of the clink after a two year stretch. And if he's not exactly planning to go straight, he certainly intends to become a little bit less wonky. But today things just don’t seem to be panning out the way he hoped.

His interview with the Careers for Crimes rehabilitation service goes so far awry he isn’t even considered fit for a job flipping high-fat heart attack burgers. Having finally got beyond prison walls, Frank then discovers his wife hasn’t come to pick him up, and his best mate Terry has given up the booze. Upon arriving home, things take an even bigger turn for the worst, as Mrs Lovelocke is seemingly now shacked up with a new man boasting an enviable steady income from his job seeker’s allowance and disability benefit for inveterate asthma.

In the face of such shocking revelations, Frank takes the only course of action a troubled soul can, and heads for the church. Well, a bench outside the church. With a 12-pack of beer and a copy of the Sun newspaper. After reading a story about an unhappy lottery winner with £9 million burning a hole in his pocket and a chance meeting with an inspirational vicar teaching the virtues of giving up your worldly wealth, Frank has a vision.

All he needs is some brightly-coloured robes, a new spiritual coda, a secluded location and a lottery winner. Oh, and a degree of criminal efficiency he has yet to stumble across so far.