Saturday December 8th

Film screenings to include Q & A on stage with director and cast

2:00 PM (14H00) 'World Premiere' 'LOVE' short drama (Japan) (8 mins)

Directed & Written by: Sanae Kusaka; Produced by: Orson Maazel; Cinematographer: Koffi Semenou

Cast: Rena Washino & Fuyuko Nakamura. Special thanks to: Digital Film Academy - Zoi Florosz & Shohei Sakurai
(Director and cast attending)

Storyline: Can Zephyrus’ magic show lovers that ‘love’ is quite simple! Why should it be it complicated?

2:15 PM (14H15) 'World Premiere' ‘TU EZ MOI’ (DELETE ME) short drama (France-Turkey) (18 mins)

Written & Directed by: Clarisse Gorokhoff & Melissa Papel; Cinematographer: Fatih Türker

Cast: Clarisse Gorokhoff; Melissa Papel; Esra Açık & Memet Işık
(Director and cast attending)

Storyline:A young woman, who wants to change her looks to embody what she feels inside, enlists the help of a female doctor who performs a ritual that has explosive consequences for both of them.

2:40 PM (14H40) 'World Premiere' 'AYA' feature love story (Japan) (55 mins)

Written, Directed & Produced by: Yasushi Fuluichi; Cinematography and Music by: Yasushi Fuluichi

Cast: Chihiro Kasahara (Aya); Naoki Inotsume (Ao Amagi); Natsuki Fujiwara (Luiko)
(Director and lead actor attending)

Storyline: When Aya, a misunderstood, passionate free-spirited painter fled her home to live in the woods amid nature’s great beauty, she had no idea she’d have to use her own beauty to help revive Ao, a burned-out painter.

3:40 PM (15H40) 'World Premiere' 'TANGO CHANGES EVERYTHING' short comedy (USA) (10 mins)

Directed & Written by: Adrian Roup; Producers: Adrian Roup; Yvonne Caan & Shari Marcacci; Cinematographer: Massimo Zeri; Costume Design: Lauren Martini; Composer: Stuart Balcomb.Special thanks to - Stanley Roup; Amanda Ornelas and Derek Hansen

Cast: Ryan Gaynor (Andy); Rose Bloomfield (Faith); Maury Zeller (Brad); Oleg Vidov (Uncle Oleg); Tina Mayer (Gizelle); Makela Brizuela (Makela Tango); Tanya Chorin (Ticket Lady); Susan Yen (Mail Lady); Yvonne Cann (Cookie Lady) &Carlos Lovera (Manuel)
(Director attending)

Storyline: Will a desolate man unable to get the girl he wants, finally realize that... Tango Changes Everything?

4:55 PM (16H55) 'European Premiere' 'ANDERKANT DIE STILTE (OTHERSIDE THE SILENCE)' feature drama (South Africa) (57 mins)

Directed & Written by: Desmond Denton & Jonathan Myburgh; Produced by: Dr. Mario Denton & Mauritz Grundlingh; Cinematographer: Jonathan Myburgh; Music by: Charl Mostert.Special thanks to Vera who was a true source of inspiration, perseverance and hope in this journey.

Cast: Johan Botha (Piet); Joeye de Koker (Sara); Andre Rossouw (Gawie); Lida Botha (Nina); Hannetjie Smit (Johanna); Annemari Blackenberg (Cambell); Pieter Strumpher (Manager De Klerk); Regart Laubscher (Frikkie die Nar)
(Director and crew attending)

Storyline: A group of the most unlikely characters living in an old people’s home put on a play. We are able to share, appreciate and understand that they still have lessons to teach us.

6.00 PM - BREAK – time to get a bite to eat and change into evening clothes ready for…


Official Selection Saturday December 8th

8:00 PM (20H00) 'Award Winning - European Premiere' 'STEALTH’ short thriller (UK) (7 mins)

Directed & Written by: Hayley Easton Street; Executive Producer: Steve Street; DP/Cinematographer: Steve Jones; Composer: Dominic Greensmith

Cast: Chase Armitage (Josh); Danny Casey (Security Guard 01)
(Director and cast attending)

Storyline: Josh is an amazing Parkour athlete. In this 7 minute thriller we follow one continuous action sequence as he breaks into a bank. Josh skillfully evades the patrolling guards with absolute precision. But once inside we find out why he’s really there...

8:10 PM (20H10) ‘World Premiere’ 'A FACEBOOK ROMANCE' feature romantic comedy-drama (Jordan) (90 mins)

Directed & Written by: Mohydeen Quandour; Executive Producer: Luba Balagova; Cinematographer: Khalil Shawish; Original Music: Julien Diaz; Costume Design: Fikria.

Cast: Mohamad Karim (Samir); Lamitta Frangieh (Lubna); Mohamad Al Abadi (Abu Karim); Mona Shehabi (Dual role as mother & sister of Lubna); Ed Ward (Michael); Salar Zarza (Waleed); Nabeel Kony (father of Lubna); Mohammad Fassid (Omar); Ruba Attalah (Waleed’s wife); Maya Hijazi (Lubna’s girlfriend); Amani (Agency Manager)
(Director and cast attending)

Storyline: A young Jordanian woman travels 6,000 miles to meet face-to-face with the man she’s fallen in love with on Facebook, only to be surprised by what she finds, and even more surprised when the situation takes an unexpected turn.

9:45 PM (21H45) ‘World Premiere’ 'MANDELA THE WORLD THAT MADE HIM' short documentary (South Africa) (20 mins)

Directed & Produced by: Jacqueline Fox; Co Directed by Gerald Fox; Co Produced by Jane Lipman; Cinematographer: Pule `Molebatsi. Special thanks to - The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

Cast: Nelson Mandela; Praise Poet Zolani Mkhiva; Featuring - Chief Zanomthetho Mtirara (Relative of Nelson Mandela); Mayenzeke Baza (Archive)

Storyline: A cinematic journey into Mandela's native land, his deep-seated moral traditions, and tribal roots give insight into the man and world-renowned leader.

Sponsored by Fox Foundation

At the Prestigious Pacific Lounge Club Restaurant – Monte Carlo

Exclusively for VIP pass holders and press accreditation only