2013 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards 2013 Official Jury Member Italian Actress ANTONELLA SALVUCCI

Antonella Salvucci is an actress that reflects all the versatility and passion of her home country: Italy. She began her artistic career as a model but soon realised that she possessed the art and soul of an actress. Working with Italian directors such as Pupi Avati and Lamberto Bava, she quickly became one of the best of her generation. Her work spans drama, comedy, popular television series and also musical theatre.

In addition to acting and singing, she is also a journalist and entertainer for television shows. In the past she has presented ‘Ciak si Gira’ a television show dedicated to world cinema, interviewing the most important international actors and directors. Most recently she has been hosting a new series called ‘New Stars Notte’ on Rai 2.

Antonella’s latest film 'Midway, Between Life and Death,' directed by John Real, was nominated amongst other Italian movies in the Oscars and is currently in pre-production. She stars as one of the main characters in the sequel: 'Midway, The Possession'.