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Jason Fité is the head writer and producer at the London based independent entertainment company Peracals Productions Ltd. Current productions include a film biopic based on the early life of Errol Flynn, a stage musical entitled The Devils Cabaret and a feature adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s classic biography of Gauguin, The Moon and Sixpence. Jason also writes and directs the popular sketch show ‘the 313show’ which regularly performs at several London venues.

1914 - A time-travelling romance.
Written by Jason Fité


A modern day woman travels back in time to the idyllic Oxford of 1914 where she falls in love with a young man destined to die in the Great War.

‘Do you ever have déjà-vu?’
‘All the time.’


Emily, a young student studying Ancient History at Oxford becomes disillusioned with modern life and suffers from a series of violent visions. Fearing for her sanity, she develops suicidal urges.

After a seemingly chance encounter, Emily becomes friends with the eccentric Professor Wells who claims to have created a time portal. Feeling she has nothing to lose, Emily enters the portal and finds herself transported back to the idyllic Oxford of 1914 where she appears as no more than a ghost to a group of startled students before she is pulled back to the present.

On the next time trip she becomes more substantial and meets Alex who is studying at the University. Over subsequent visits the two fall in love, though she cannot tell him the true cause of her sudden and prolonged disappearances. She also meets TE Lawrence and discovers that Alex’s best friend is actually the Professor’s father. Emily becomes obsessed with the past world into which she can escape and the modern day world seems less and less real to her.

Professor Wells warns her that taking any more trips may kill her but she determines to travel back to the past one last time and remain there. She finds that war has broken out and that devastated by her last disappearance, Alex has enlisted.

Collapsing, Emily is pulled back to the present where she is forced to convalesce from the damage the time travelling has caused her. In the hospital grounds she discovers a war memorial with Alex’s name upon it.

Desperate, she risks one last journey to the past. She and the Professor travel to Flanders. The Professor warns her that she will not be able to return.

In the midst of battle she finds Alex and they embrace. They hear the shrill whistle of a shell directly above them. She flicks the time switch at the moment of impact and they are hurtled into darkness...

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