2013 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Producer/ Writer: Rebecca Tranter (M4West Media)

Short of attaining a degree in Radio, Television and Film, which mainly addressed script for the said mediums, Ms. Tranter went on to train as an actor. She then turned her hand to write, direct and produce her own award winning short films (Tainted Wings, Secrets Of Innocence) as well as working with other writer/directors to develop and produce award winning productions in the short film genre. Now fully focusing on full length feature film, Ms. Tranter is also a scriptwriter in her own right, being co-writer on "The Second Sight of Father Cooper" and on "Miles to Go before I Sleep" she has also penned her own material in "Dreams and Jerk Chicken". Ms. Tranter is also the CEO/ Producer of M4West Media, Ltd., a film development and Production Company based in the UK and is a member of WFTV.


Derek Presley is a writer/director who has dabbled in short films, music videos, commercials and features. He has an optioned screenplay in London titled Miles to Go Before I Sleep" that he co-wrote with Rebecca Tranter and Kevin Lewis. He has written and directed numerous short films such as "The 82 Peddler", which has been distributed by Shorts International and screened at multiple festivals and "Stryngs" which screened at Festival de Cannes during their Short Film Corner as well as Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Stryngs also went on to win the International Dallas Videofest "Best in Texas" award. Derek currently directs projects for Josh Dixon Media including music videos and commercials. While being a film lover, his true inspiration comes from classic literature such as "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" and "1984".


Kevin Lewis is a native of Texas. He enjoys art, writing and philosophy. When he was younger he collaborated with Derek Presley writing the feature script "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" which has found a home with M4 West Media in London. Kevin has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in History from the University of North Texas. He now plans to pursue his masters while occasionally drawing concept art for films in the Texas region.

"Miles To Go Before I Sleep" An Original Screenplay
Written by Rebecca Tranter, Derek Presley & Kevin Lewis


Having been forced to bear witness to a far-from-idyllic reality, CLAUDIA takes refuge in fairytale...


Claudia and her brother, CLYDE, are frequently abused by their alcoholic father, MURPHY. Yet, when the brutish man tumbles to his death, the children go in search of their MOTHER, who they believe has left the home and is suggested to be living just beyond the wood in a nearby village… Seeking love and solace they leave their old world behind.

Starved, tired and afraid, the children travel through a very eerie forest filled with dark mystery. A small bird befriends them, directing them out of the forest to a clearing that leads them to a large manor house. From within, they are met by a wonderful old woman, Grazelda, who showers them with food, good will, and magical toys. The children are seduced into thinking that they have found their sanctuary.

Before long, it becomes clear that first impressions are often misleading! Claudia starts seeing and hearing voices… those of curious spirits… the spirits of children, long deceased, yet unable to depart this earthly plane. When questioned by Claudia, Grazelda’s demeanor starts to unravel. The old woman starts to become more demanding and irritable with the children.

Claudia meets DUNWICH, the old toymaker, who is enslaved within a dark cellar of the house. A dark and menacing overtone takes over. The amiable old woman slowly begins to transform into a monstrous hag with an eye to consume the life from Clyde.

Claudia attempts to untangle the mystery of the manor in order to win their freedom and inadvertently those of the trapped spirits. With the help of the old toymaker, the old hag is slain!

Moments later in a blast of sunlight the children are transported back into their own reality, where Claudia discovers that the whole journey has been a figment of her own imagination…The journey which unlocks the truth that is hidden deep within the recesses of the mind … The journey that takes you to a place where nightmares end and true horror begins.