2013 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Tim’s passion and dedication to learning the art of filmmaking has seen him grow as an independent filmmaker and gain valuable experience in the field. He won a Young Filmmakers Youtube award in 2011 as well as completing internships at The CW Television Network and Warner Brothers in 2012. Most recently, he has established Memoir Pictures, an independent production company that aims to create provocative and original film and documentary.


Katherine has a breadth of story telling experience across many narrative forms from documentary and feature to working as a Literary Associate alongside the prestigious Sonia Friedman in London’s West End. She currently works within the talent development department for the BFI and Film Agency for Wales indulging in her need to create. She is currently working across several short films as well as acting script consultant for a feature in production.

Written by: Tim Bernard & Katherine Pither


An aspiring swimmer’s mental state slowly deteriorates when her controlling husband wins her the chance to compete in a national championship.


The Swimmer is a woman with no name. Her voice has been taken away from her. Despite her natural beauty she appears worn and tired, and even when she smiles there is a profound sadness within her eyes. Her most valuable asset is her body, particularly her legs, which are powerful due to years of physical training.

Her husband, Daniel, is an ex swimmer whose diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has already destroyed his dreams of becoming a swimming champion. The disease is also slowly damaging his spinal cord, affecting his ability to walk. He has since become The Swimmer’s coach, and is vicariously living through her.

Daniel is able to convince fellow coaches that The Swimmer deserves to represent the club at a national championship after another swimmer, Amanda, becomes seriously injured. Through his persuasion, The Swimmer is granted this, and although on the surface it appears The Swimmer and Daniel are ecstatic, something is not quite right about their relationship.

While The Swimmer trains and prepares for the upcoming championship, questions are raised on the truth surrounding the way in which Amanda was injured. Fingers are pointed towards The Swimmer, thus making her incredibly isolated and paranoid, affecting her mental state.

Meanwhile, Daniel continues to struggle with his disease, and becomes obsessive and envious over The Swimmer. He demands that she follows a dangerous training routine, which takes her to physical exhaustion. He grows more irritable towards The Swimmer as she continues to fail to reach a new personal best, and tells her that she had wished injury on Amanda for her own good. As the championships arrive, The Swimmer falls behind in her stroke as she imagines how Amanda was injured, Daniel menacingly next to Amanda’s unconscious body. She snaps out of it and gains momentum, but it’s too late. She stops swimming and glances at Daniel, who is in a fit of rage. The Swimmer suddenly feels peace, and submerges herself into the water, taking herself out of the stroke.

Back at home, the windows have been boarded and little light enters the house. Daniel cannot be seen but The Swimmer stands at the top of the stairs by the edge. For the first time, The Swimmer talks; it’s a perfect mimic of Daniel. She says that she will have to be punished for what she did, and throws herself down the stairs, breaking her legs. She lays there, and lets out a sound, indefinable as a laugh or cry as she stares at a photo of Daniel. His stare commandeers the room, unyielding.