11th ANGEL FILM AWARDS -Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Friday 6th December

14:00 'World Premiere' 'FEAR OF WATER' Drama (UK) (93 min)

Directed by Kate Lane; Produced by Rebecca Tranter; Screenplay by Edward Davenport; Cinematography: Nick Lowin ACO; Composer: Benson Taylor

Cast: Alexia: Lily Loveless; Eleanor: Chloe Partridge; Charles: Alex Macqueen; Helen: Sara Stewart; Elizabeth: Marcia Warren – (Director, cast and crew attending)

Eleanor is a teenage girl confined by her strict father until she meets Alexia who lives on the local council estate. As their friendship draws deeper, Eleanor’s safety net gradually begins to fray as she faces the realisation of her true self.

15:40 'World Premiere' 'STRONG HEART' Love story (UK) (10 min)

Directed by Maxim Jago; Written by Jodi Nelson; Produced by Suzanne Kendall; Cinematography: Razaka Firmager, John Samuels; Costume Design: Gabriella Kovago; Composer and singer: Teri Hopkins

Cast: woman: Jodi Nelson; man: Terry Coldwell; busker: Teri Hopkins; special thanks to the people of Glastonbury - (Director, cast and crew attending)

This love story is about a lost and lonely woman who surrenders to serendipity and finds not only herself, but also unexpected love...

16:00 'World Premiere' 'I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING' Love story (UK) (95 min)

Directed, produced and screenplay by Robbie Moffat; Cinematography: Razaka Firmager; Composer: Brian Howell

Cast: June Bennett: Emily Bergl; Geoffrey: Jonathan Hansler; Briley: Suzanne Kendall; Major Price: Felix Pring; Stanley: Darren Enright; Shelly: Nicola McAdam - (Director, cast and crew attending)

June Bennett knows what she’s doing, she thinks she’s in love with one of the richest men in Britain, but fate says otherwise…and a younger English aristocrat, is telling her something else.

17:40 'World Premiere' 'THE FREEDOM OF THE HEART' Documentary drama (Switzerland) (12 min)

Written, directed and produced by Jolanda Ellenberger; Cinematography: Clare Major, Daniel Anders and Alexandre Favarger; Composer: Silvio Panosetti; Participant: Jeanne Rosenberg - (Director and crew attending)

We need to reflect carefully about the recent outcry over how every year ‘unethical breeders’ produce an uncontrolled high number of foal births. There are many such worldwide cases of seemingly healthy young horses who do not stand a chance to survive. This inhumane animal cruelty needs to stop....

18:00 Interval – time to get ready for the evening screening followed by the VIP film party


Official Film Selection

19:00 'World Premiere' 'NOTE TO SIRI' Love story (USA) (9 min)

Surprise Cadeaux - sweets and chocolates - sponsored by ‘NOTE TO SIRI’

Written, directed and produced by Maxine Pugh; Assistant Director: Idella Ward Cinematography: Dov Blecokis; Composer: Elizabeth Lim - (Director attending)

Cast: Melissa Malone: Istvan Leel-Ossy

An American woman, unhappy with life and love, turns to self-help books in search of a solution. In the fifty-eighth book she finds the answer to all of her problems… She sets out on an international hunt for her greatest dream... her man!

19:15 'France/Monaco Premiere' 'THE SEARCH FOR SIMON' Comedy (UK) (96 min)

Directed and produced by Martin Gooch; Screenplay by Simon Birks and Martin Gooch; Cinematography: Martin Gooch and Andre Govia; Composer: Brooke de Rosa, Paige Lehnert and Simon Woodgate; Costume Design: Michelle Barratt

Cast: Irene Jones: Carol Cleveland (Monty Phyton); Sally Strudle: Millie Reeves: David Jones: Martin Gooch; Eloise Eldritch: Noeleen Comiskey; Robert Smith: Simon Birks; AlienFromArcturas: Mark W. Gray; Angela Spooner: Sophie Aldred - (Director, cast and crew attending)

At the age of ten, David’s younger brother Simon disappeared, never to be seen again. Convinced that he was abducted, David has been searching for evidence of alien activity for almost thirty years, until one day he catches the eye of a pretty young woman... and everything changes.

20:50 'Monaco/France Premiere' 'MOTHER’S MILK' Mystery drama (UK) (95 min)

Directed and produced by BAFTA award-winning director Gerald Fox; Screenplay by Gerald Fox and Edward St. Aubyn; Produced by Jacqueline M Fox and Edward St. Aubyn; Cinematography: Steve Haskett; Costume Designer: Leonie Hartard; Composer: David Ogilvy

Cast: Patrick Melrose: Jack Davenport; Mary Melrose: Annabel Mullion; Seamus O’Dorke: Adrian Dunbar; Eleanor: late Margaret Tyzack; Kettle: Diana Quick; Nurse: Emma Lowndes; Robert Melrose: Thomas Underhill – (Director, cast and crew attending)

‘Mother’s Milk’, based on the novel by Edward St. Aubyn, depicts a family’s breakdown after an ailing grandmother decides to leave her inheritance to an Irish conman instead of her own family. The film was shot entirely in the South of France.



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