2016 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards 2016 Goodwill Ambassador XIAOTING WANG

Mr. Xiaoting Wang is a Chinese artist, playwright, and journalist. After a long silence in art during the China's Cultural Revolution, Mr. Wang began his career in the 1970s as an art editor of Shandong Broadcasting Magazine, designing many covers, illustrations and picture albums. In the 1980s, as economic reform in China led to increased interest in radio, Mr. Wang authored numerous news reports and produced 80 award-winning non-fiction novels, proses, music radios, and dramas on China's Central Radio Station, Shandong Radio Station, People's Daily, Technology Daily and other Chinese media outlets.

In the 1990s, Mr. Wang began working in television, using the medium to focus attention on the situation of people in rural and remote areas in works like "Such a Coach Like Him" (about a coach who adopted homeless children that later became gold-medal athletes), "The Racetracks of Life and Death" (a dramatization of the work of the same coach), and "Life Tracks" (a drama broadcast by over twenty Chinese television stations).

Mr. Wang has also established both radio and television stations within Shandong province, including China's earliest video-on-demand digital TV station and one of the most influential and popular Chinese media websites in 2000.

He served as the editor-in-chief and director of the Editorial Department at the Shandong Studio & TV Station, vice general manager of the Shandong Broadcasting Development Center and the Shandong Traffic Radio Station, vice director of the Shandong Radio and Television Information Network Center and Shandong Radio and Television Network Company, and editor-in-chief in the Shandong Radio and Television Website.

As an artist, Mr. Wang combines western painting techniques with traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Adopting Chinese splash-ink and freehand brushwork on rice paper, Mr. Wang implements gouache, watercolor and acrylic painting techniques. In 2015, his series of works, entitled Peace, was printed on post cards known as the "National Business Card" and issued by the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China. His art has been widely exhibited, awarded and collected.

Mr. Xiaoting Wang and his daughter Dr. Penny Wang relish designing the official poster for the 14th Angel Film Awards.