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Cashell Horgan Writer/Director born in, Ireland is a filmmaker/artist. He studied Multi-media at the College of marketing and Design in Dublin. After graduating he specialised in animation and made his first award winning film Adeste Fideles in 1991, a social statement film about AIDS. His other notable work includes a clay animation short Paddy (2000), short-listed for Oscar nomination. He has taught animation at the European School of Animation and National Film television School Ireland and has made numerous television appearances regarding his work. His visual music performance events combing video and live performers led to collaborations with Opera Ireland, Cork Opera House, European Capital of Culture Cork.

"CHAKRA" Written by Cashell Horgan (Ireland)


Chakra is a ‘concert’ animated feature script into film that combines the traditional methods of storytelling and animation with the more experimental techniques and non narrative styles used by contemporary visual music artists. Chakra explores concepts of soul or spirit expressed through interpretations of myth, religion and spirituality without dogma in the order of seven. A number found in the teachings of many different spiritual traditions throughout the world.

The film is a work of synchronised pictures and music to evoke an emotional response to seven themes and illustrates a search for the core and foundation of the human condition. Seven music composers working from the ideas put forward in this film provide seven animators and film artists *VJs the soundtrack to expand on the ideas expressed in each of the movements in the film. This film aspires to express a sense of soul through music and animation.

The central characters through time and space play out different roles of cause and affect to interconnect the themes. Time and location morph into different settings within the segments eg. The hunting grounds of Neolithic man morphs into a modern shopping mall.

The central conflict in each theme is positive and negative forces trying to balance each other out and come into harmony. The motivation for each character is set in seven underling goals:

1. I want to live.
2. I want to procreate.
3. I will. Only in the 4th movement does the goal move outward to selfless service.
4. I Give then into higher truths expressed in sound.
5. I speak then vision.
6. I see and lastly connection with wisdom.
7. I Know.