2016 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards





Desmond is a multiple award winning writer, filmmaker he was awarded for the South African feature film ‘ANDERKANT DIE STILTE’ (The Otherside of Silence), he won BEST DIRECTOR at the 2012 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival.

Desmond focuses on film with a strong message. With over 13 years of multimedia, film with the ability to work with diverse groups of people internationally. The feature film Lenteblom, deals with the Virgin cure related to aids have been release successfully to over 10 000 farms across South Africa.

Desmond has directed for many leading world brands such as LUX, OPEL, JACK FRIEDMAN, DOS EQUIS and he received top honors in communication science, psychology, BA film and writing.

‘WILLIAM AUSTEN’ Screenplay Written by Desmond Denton (South Africa)


It feels good to be powerful, but at what cost… discover the riveting true life tale of William Austen.


It is a pulsating and gritty glimpse into the lives of broken people, gangsterism, drug culture, and the uplifting story of one man’s odyssey from ruin to redemption. It extrapolates the universal theme of love, loss, betrayal and grace.


William Austen story tells the riveting true life tale of William Austen. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, young William had a turbulent upbringing. He was subjected to horrific, incessant bullying throughout his school years. William was young when his father was arrested and his mother ran away with him and his siblings. Life was difficult in his youth he had to take the bullying from people around him. This led to a life of retaliation and violence, which blighted his teenage years. Petty crime soon led to several serious offences, fuelled by William’s chronic drug addiction. But life turns out as it was in those days and William was sent to the army. The army was full of rules William wasn’t used to, a place where he could no longer do as he pleased. The war was hard but coming home was harder. Until he met a woman he fell in love with, she then managed everything for him and he instead wanted to give her the world. He went this far in wrong doings and made him a wanted man, on the run for his life, her had to leave her in order to protect her. After a period of time William’s money ran out and he returned home to the people he loved. They convinced him to turn himself in and so he did.

Convicted for fraud and theft, William was sentenced to seven years imprisonment where he was exposed to gangsterism and the brutality of prison life. A tough man like him could handle prison. Boy was he wrong. Prison changes a man like nothing else does.