2016 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Lorenzo Raveggi aka Lawrence Raw was born in Florence the 1st September, 1969. He is a Screenplay Writer and Film Director, from childhood on he loved history, cinema, music and arts and he created a series of TV Episodes.

His second vocation was at the Opera. For 10 years year’s he studied as tenor at the Opera and it increased his love for the studies for history especially the Florentine Middle Age and the Renaissance.

For many years he was an actor in various film documentaries and on the Templar stories and period Chivalry. He also co-produced the life of ‘Saint Galgano’. Galgano, born in Chiusdino, a castle near Siena, stuck his sword into the rock of mountain. The sword is still stuck inside. (Eremo di Montesiepi)

As a co-writer with Olga Tordonato writing a beautiful story that became a book (a script, too) named “La Princesa de Norman” story setting in Menorca and Caribbean sea.

In 2010, he produced ‘Amore e Potere’ ai tempi della principessa (‘Love and Power at time of princess’) co-production with Andrea Iervolino. A dramatic love story increased by a touch of mystery ambiance a setting at the Tuscany at the end of 18th century.

He took time to study period characters and made three movies as associate producer in England.

After a year of research, he ended writing the blockbuster script on the character of the famous Florentine Niccolò Machiavelli.

Lorenzo directed the movie and it was filmed on 35mm inside Orsini’s castle in Vasanello, Italy, the real location where Giulia Farnese with her friend Lucrezia Borgia lived beautiful moments of their lives.

With the Actors as Jean Marc Barr (Niccolò Machiavelli) Giorgia Sinicorni, Andrea Tidona and many others.

Lorenzo cast the Hollywood actresses Paz Vega and Elisabeth Rohm for the movie ending production. The film will be in distribution process at the end of December 2017.

He wrote the script of Amerigo Vespucci (famous Florentine navigator) and cast stars as Adrienne Wilkinson and Victoria Pratt.

So many others script as “Agnese’s Miracles” “Atrox Redemption” “St. Benedict the man of God” before arriving to the last production of the heartwarming short film “Saint Fina’s yellow violets”, le Gialle viole di Santa Fina the original title.

The movie participates in official selection World Premiering at the 14th Angel Film Awards – Monaco International Film Festival with its screenplay, too.

Directed and Written by Lorenzo Raveggi; Produced by Marzia Pissilli with the beautiful and very talented young actresses Sara Fabbri (Saint Fina) and Angelica Farneti (Josephine) - Director of Photography: Giancarlo Ceccaglia Orchestrated Original Music by Rodolfo Matulich.

Lorenzo is going to present the Botticelli’s project in Cannes. Three full-lenght movie scripts on “Botticelli Murders” dossier. Florentine investigations after five centuries conducted by the commissioner Carla Renzi.

The Trilogy merges between 2000s and 1400/1500s times. Mystery, Thriller, Love, History.

The Botticelli Murders is the first one. Botticelli Murders the secondo ne. Botticelli Murders – The final fight the last one.

Eve Mauro (Cyborg X) as Carla Renzi, Natassia Malthe (Elektra) as Mara Young, Nick Mancuso (Under Siege) as Bastiano Bandini, Fernanda Romero (Art of Submission) as Sofia Costanzo, Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart) as Melissa and many others.

As for Botticelli Murders – the final fight, the cast will be announced soon.

Comin up soon’ The Trilogy, Lorenzo will shoot the teaser to present the project all over the world.

‘SAINT FINA’S YELLOW VIOLETS’ A Short Screenplay Written by Lorenzo Raveggi (Italy)


2015 celebration Day of Saint Fina in the city of Saint Gimignano near beautiful Siena, a mother is preparing to go out to the city to celebrate with her 10 year old daughter then something unexpected happened…In 1248 a beautiful, religious, carefree young girl Fina De’Ciardi returns to late from the Sunday mass for the Sunday lunch..this will have fatal coincidences..


12 of March, 2014.

In a cottage beautiful garden out of Saint Gimignano, Siena, JOSEPHINE MORETTI, a ten years old girl, with her “blonde hair” sits down on a bench inside the enchanting gazebo. Besides her almost equal in age her sister, ANNA CELESTE MORETTI.

Josephine has on back of her left hand, MINNIE, a dove that dresses a particular as unusual necklace fully garnished of yellow violets.

Waitress TERESA brings breakfast to the little sisters. After a few time, arrives their mother, too. MARION MORETTI a beautiful woman of 32 years old, green eyes and refined face, tells her daughter Josephine to now leave and go to town quickly to participate at Saint Fina’s feast, the yellow violets saint, in center of city.

4 of March, 1253.

FINA, lies on a oak wooden board in her bedroom. Her father, CAMBIO made it for Fina, beautiful such as jovial fully energized girl.

She makes a choice. during five long years “only” for penitence deciding to live night and day on her hard wooden board.

Her priceless nurses BELDIA and BONAVENTURA look after the young girl, cause premature death of her mother who had an accident.

Since 10 to 15 years old, Fina, becomes transfigured from a beautiful girl to ugly. Her body becomes wasted at the same time.

But, that night of March will change her existence. Inside the room shined only by two candles while her nurses snore and sleep besides her, a shiny light appears in front of Fina.

Inside a superb as dazzling light appears the Holy Pope Gregory the Great, her favorite saint.

Gregory, shaping her up that she will after eight days of the apparition, the time exactly during the anniversary of his death... 12 of March.

Even if, the apparition gives the girl the bad judgment, she is very excited. Not only, it happens that her face returns beautiful as fresh as the beautiful old moments when screamed, hit and mortified by her parents, IMPERIA and Cambio caused by an innocent meeting between the girl and a young boy, FIORELLO. At that point, FINA during a reverent supplication, asks Jesus to finish her days and years on oak wooden board as penitence.

After her death, shaped up by her favorite saint as accompanied by her nurses pain, Fina fulfills a great number of miracles among which an appearance of the multitude new yellow violets on walls and towers of the city.

The same violets that will influence and bond from the past and also will appear to a another young girl, JOSEPHINE MORETTI and her family. So many things happen for a reason? The little blond girl has been hit by a car being close to death in front of her parents, Marion and GIORGIO MORETTI, a young entrepreneur.

Ambulance conducts her to the hospital of Poggibonsi, a city near Saint Gimignano.

On the anniversary of Saint Fina, the 12 of March the same day of her daughter’s accident, Marion devoted to Fina decides do not enter into the hospital as Josephine and Giorgio but to take quickly the auto come backing to Saint Gimignano to pray inside Saint Fina’s chapel in front of the holy sanctuary.

A particular such as full of mystery meeting with the friend of family SUOR (Sister) CECILIA inside the church, will change to Marion the sense of her life...

I want to trust not only to her...!