GARTEL for the 16th Annual Angel Film Awards Monaco IFF

2018 Poster Art Description:
Film reaches people all around the globe; and in the future, entertaining audiences off planet earth. The Universe is vast. The Hubble telescope recordings gives us pictures humanity has never seen before. On the flip side, the invention of the microscope was invented in the time of Japanese Artist Hokusai. These two technologies have enlightened the world in ways that people had never seen before their time. "Micro and Macro" - The Artwork then is a Digital interpretation of Hokusai's discovery of small objects, and the Hubble telescope's great magnitude of vastness. Deep Space is beyond our contemplation at the present. Our creations however, can go on into the universe forever. In this manner, time and dimension do not exist in Art and Motion Pictures. Our form is now transcribed in "digital" form. Perfect description of today as in the work of this poster for the Monaco International Film Festival, Angel Film Awards.

- "May our creative souls, be touched by Angels."

Laurence Gartel
Digital Media Pioneer