17th THE ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards


Saturday 22nd February - Day 2 Official Selection Screenings

Official Nominated Films - Day & Evening Screenings

We are holding Q & A sessions on stage for all nominated cast & crew members

15:00 'World Premiere' "LET YOUR SISTERS BE" Drama (US/ New Zealand) (15:00)

Written by Mary Sewell; Directed by Aileen O’Sullivan; Produced by Aileen O’Sullivan, Kathleen Thomas, Mary & Harriet Sewell; DB/Cinematographer: Alun Bollinger; Editor: Ken Sparks; Costume Design: Jane Holland; Original Music: (Score) Mary Sewell (on violin)

Starring: Tandi Wright (Alex); Stephanie Wilkins (Claire); Keira Langridge (Young Alex);Elysia Langridge (Young Claire); Tinihuia Lee-Lemon (Tia); Miriama McDowell (Tia’s Mother); Moana Maniapoto (Whaea)

Storyline:(Based on true events)Past and present secrets are revealed when two sisters return to a small New Zealand town. They discover they share a shocking connection with a young mother and her daughter.(Writer, Producer attending)

15:20 'Monaco/France Premiere' "SECOND CHILDHOOD" Drama (France) (10:20 min)

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited & Cinematography by Izzy & Vic Vaughan; Music by Johannes Brahms and Gioachino Rossini.

Starring: Edgar Wirtz (Young Boy); Oscar Schick (Michael’s Friend); Michael Erroll (Older Michael).

Storyline: Michael’s mother tells him he will outgrow his best friend. Seventy years later, it appears she was wrong. The short script focuses on how innocence and dependency we experience in childhood is often mirrored in old age. (Writer, Director, Producer attending)

15:35 'European Premiere' WHERE IS FLEURI ROSE? (Animation) (US) (23:00 min)

Written & Produced by Mark Warhol; Animators Nick Thorkelson, Amy MacDonald; Editor: Julian Petschek; Original Music Composer: Mark Warhol, Catherine Issalys (Flute), John Jensen (Harpsichord)

Storyline: The movie recounts the adventures of a pink bear named Fleuri Rose. This film was inspired by the film "Fantasia" in which a story is told through animation and music, without dialog. (Director, Composer, Animator attending)

16:00 'European Premiere' "BULLET TRIP" Romance-Comedy Drama (Japan) (82 min)

Written & Directed by Nozomu Kasagi; Executive Producer Hidemichi Yakabe; DP/Cinematographer: Shunsuke Tara; Music: Hideki Tanaka

Starring: Katsura Maiguma: (Noboru Mitobe); Rina Takeda: (Noriko Kawashima); Aoyama Fall Gachi: (Goro); Sumiko Koike: (Granny);Wada Manju: (Yajima)

Storyline: Noboru takes his girlfriend Noriko for a sudden and surprise trip to the quiet port town of Mihonoseki, better known as “the closest port town to God.” Noboru is on a secret quest that heads in an unexpected direction. (Director, Cast & Crew attending)

17:30 INTERVALtime to get dressed up and ready for the evening screening


20:45 Red Carpet PHOTOCALL

21:00 'European Premiere' "MYKORRHIZA" Suspense/Drama (Denmark) (16:51 min)

Written & Directed by Chris Ostergaard Holm, Produced by Chris & Mads Ostergaard Holm; DP/Cinematographer: Martin Stampe; Editor: Emil Gelting; Music Composer Nygaard, Mads Thaarup, Mads Moller Nielsen

Starring: Kristian Herlev, Maja Simonsen

Storyline: A reserved, young man on a philosophical one-man mission is being followed by an immediate and talkative, young woman. (Director, Cast & Crew attending)

21:20 'World Premiere' "DEAR GUEST" Suspense (US) (11:10 min)

Written & Directed by Megan Freels Johnston; Producers Megan Freels Johnston & Brett Johnston; DP/Cinematographer: Stephen Tringali; Editor: Eric Potter; Original Music by Jacob Yoffee

Starring: Ashley Bell & Noureen DeWulf

Storyline: A couple checks into a vacation rental only to find out that the anonymous host likes to play games on its guests. (Director, Cast & Crew attending)

21:30 'World Premiere' "TOKYO WINE PARTY PEOPLE" Romance/Drama (Japan) (101 min)

Based on an Original Novel by: Shin Kibayashi Directed by Hideki Wada Written by Mika Hayashi; DP/Cinematographer: Natsuyo Nakamura; Edited by Minoru Nomoto; Music: Motoyoshi Tai; Produced by Takahito Obinata, Junko Nagasaka

Starring: Sayuri Matsumura (Shino Office Girl); Ito Ono (Chiaki); Hayato Onozuka (Kazushi Oda); Yusuke Shoji (Yamazaki); Sayaka Fujioka: (Kaede): Risa Sudou; Kosuke Kujirai and Yuki Kubota.

Storyline: Shino works in an office in Tokyo and gets invited by her boss to a wine party at first she feels uncomfortable, but soon she hits it off with a male participant, Kazushi Oda it seems to her he knows wines well and he acts like the perfect Gentleman. But later, Shino gets perplexed that he gets arrested for accounting fraud. Hence she still believes in him and his knowledge of wines and remains at the party which leads to new encounters and more fascination about wine. (Director, Cast & Crew attending)



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