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True Cinema Angels Segi Scott, Grace Kennedy, Rebecca J.Tredget,
Alita Simpson giving a toy at Opening AFA Press Call

Press call with Jury, Writers, Producers Filmmakers from left Segiola Scott, Babita Sharma, Daniella Gonella, Rosana Golden, John Altman, Dean Bentley

AFA Press Call from left My Angel Dir.Steve Cookson, Get Real
Dir.Joni Steel Kimberlin, Little Alba, Rosana Golden, Tomothy Spall, DG Productions Prod. Daniella Gonella...

Smiling faces at the Angel Film Awards Opening Press Call..

RLTV Angel Film Awards Opening Press Call Interview with Rock Poet Donovan AFA Honorary President

Local Monaco Cinephil

HOW TO BOIL A FROG Director Jon Cooksey and Friend at Press Call

from left arriving to the AFA Press Call, Joni S. Kimberlin, Rosana Golden, AFA Honorary President Donovan his Muse Wife Linda, AFA Producer Dean Bentley

AFA World Premiere Feature Film "MY ANGEL" starring Timothy Spall,
on left Producer Peter Keegan and "My Angel" Director Steve Cookson

President Jury Emmy Award Winning Composer Musician John Altman, Dame of Honour Victoria Aitken

Thanks for Toys brought from all over the world Special thanks
to Novotel Director Catherine Thevenot Team for extra toys

CINEMA ANGELS GIVE A TOY a donation of toys given the Lenval Children Hospital - by Rosana & Dean Inaugurated Dec. 2010

Japanese Filmmaker Bunji Sotoyama, Swedish Filmmaker
Aase Hoegfeldt
and Jury Member Producer Kazuhiko Tanaka

from left AFA Mastress of Ceremony Babita Sharma, Members of Jury, Actress Melissa Papel, Film Director Sasha Schriber

A Springtime Melody short film Director & Musician Aase Hoegfeldt and Rosana Golden Festival Director

Alma Hoegfeldt & Social Concious Filmmaker Jolanda Ellenberger at AFA Opening Press Call

Angel Film Awards President de la Jurie and Emmy Award Winning Film Composer Dr. John Altman & Finnish Filmmaker Rosa Karo & Finnish Composer, Producer Tuomas Kantelinen

Capturing the moment Andrew Burroughs for RLTV

Opening Press Call on left Rosana, Victoria Aitken AFA Dame
of Honour, Bernadette & Michael King - Emmy Award Winning

Grace, Rebecca, Sigiola, Rosana...

Press Call at the Angel Film Awards - French Artist
Sylvana Gainier Presenting her Work Of Art

Press Call with US Filmmaker Paul Von Petersen Opens the festival with his short film "THE WILL TO WIN", VIP Guest Musician Apiyo Amolo

Movie BRUSHSTROKES Directed by Zoi Florosz next to her Poster

Lets Rock together... Angel Film Awards Press Call...

Action Babe

...The Happening...

Filmmaker - AFA Official Member of Jury Sacha Schriber,
Dir. Jolanda Ellenberger, Dir. Zoi Florosz

Gregory Davis Movie Scope, Iain Howell of Insymmetry

Nice Monaco Matin Journalist Cedric Verany, Rosana,
Alba Kaufmann and Friend, on left side
US Filmmaker Joni S. Kimberlin

The Wild Bunch... and true works in motion with "BREAKING THE SILENCE" in Official Selection

Minutes before first Official Screening inside Art Novo Press
Lounge - meet Filmmakers, writers and artist - jury members

British Bafta Winning Actor Tomothy Spall with Director and Producer Steve Cookson, Peter Kegan presting their feature MY ANGEL World Premiere at the AFA

DEEP BLUE Japanese Actor Tatsuhiro Ito FilmmakerBunji Sotoyama

THE ITALIAN KEY Director Rosa Karo, Producer Tuomas Katelinen, THE RESCUERS Director Michael King

Dean Bentley AFA - MIFF Co Founder - Producer, Honorary
Filmmaker Joni Steel Kimberlin

AFA Press Call ORKINOS Writer Nur Dolay, France & HOW TO BOIL A FROG feature Doc. Director Jon Cooksey, Canada

DEEP BLUE TEAM Japan, Actor Tatsuhiro Ito, Friend, Director
Kazuhito Nakae, Japanese Producer & Jury Member
Kazuhiko Tanaka

All from Australia, Filmmaker Andrew Martin and the Martin Family short animation film GUS in officail selection. Writer Graham Rushton with his script NOR THE MOON BY NIGHT

Another Angel...

Lou Hamilton Award Winning Filmmaker & Award Winning
Writer Carsten Rauin

Good looking KONO KISHINO KOTO Team from Japan

VIP Guest Daniella Atay RAISON D ETRE Screenplay Writer
Maxine Pugh from New York

"THE KEY OF ELI" Lead Actress Caroline Rich & Rosana Golden
little break prior Gala Opening Screening

friends of the Angel Film Awards...
prior evening Gala Screening

Jon Cookey and THE KEY OF ELI Team prior
Gala Evening Screening

A SPINGTIME MELODY Filmmaker Aase Hoegfeldt, Alma Hoegfeldt
& Gregory Davis of MOVIE SCOPE Magazine

Alita Simpson, Grace Kennedy, Journalist Andrew Burroughs,
Rebecca J. Tredget, Segiola Scott on the right getting ready
for first Evening Gala Screening



MEDIASCAPE Producer Simon Griggs Bijan

VIP Guest & Members of the Industry of Motion Pictures

Guest Attending Film Screening

Donovan Honorary President & Festival Director Rosana Golden

Festival Opening Honorary President Donovan and Festival Director Rosana Golden to announce Babita Sharma to present This years Official Seance...

BBC World Babita Sharma on stage presents...

THE WILL TO WIN Opens the AFA Afternoon Screening Director Paul Von Peterson on stage

2011 AFA Partners & Sponsors

Monte Carlo Place du Casino by Night

La Très Belle Babita Announces Gala Evening Screening

DEEP BLUE Japan Evening Gala Screening

A SPRINGTIME MELODY one of the Evening Opening Festival
Screenings Babita & Swedish Director Aase Hoegfeldt on stage

Opening Gala Evening Screening & Babita Sharma announces MY ANGEL World Premiere in Monaco, Director Steve Cookson and Actor Timothy Spall on stage

THE Opening at Hotel Hermitage Monaco - Monte Carlo

The Opening My Angel Gala Party with Babita Sharma, Rosana Golden, Michael King

MY ANGEL Director Steve Cookson, Tomothy Spall
and Producer Peter Keegan

VOICE OVER Producers Gabriel Omania, Jose Martin firends & VIP Guest

Festival Producer Dean Bentley & Belle VIP Guest

Très belle Hermitage evening party guest

MY ANGEL Movie Team and Friends...

Gala Opening VIP Guest, Producer Daniella Gonella & Actor Timothy Spall

"Absolutely Fabulous" Marianne, Susan, Graham and Lou

Hermitage AFA Gala Opening Beautiful Guests

Plenty of Champagne Pommery at its best chill out at Gala Evening

TENDANCE TV Host Stephanie Boys interviews with Film Industry Members

VIP Industry Guest Joni Steel Kimberlin and Kevin Kimberlin
Chairman of Spencer & Trask and Dean Bentley

British Actress Susan Painter, Simon Griggs AFA Team and Head of Mediascape, Rosana Golden, Screenwriter John Leonard "American Royalty"

La Elegance..VIP Party Guest Opening Hermitage
Monte Carlo

VIP Industry Guest with Handsome little fella in Tux

VIP Guest..Hermitage Opening Party

Glamorous VIP Industry Guest

French Actress & Jury Member Melissa Papel, Award Winning
Screenwriter Carsten Rauin from Switzerland

VIP Film Industry Guest at the Gala Opening in Monte Carlo "MY ANGEL" Movie reception

Glizz & Galmour at the Opening

Gregory Davis-Movie Scope & Rosana Golden Festival Artistic Director

TendanceTV Monaco Stephanie Boys & Andrew
Martin..and VIP Guest

Angel Film Awards Gala Evening in the Honour of MY ANGEL at Salle Belle Epoque, Rosana Golden, Timothy Spall and Madame

Hermitage Happening..

AFA MY ANGEL Gala Evening with Rosana Karo, Tuomas Kantelinen "THE ITALIAN KEY"

Mastress of Ceremony and Jury Member Babita Sharma
& Dean Bentley AFA Co Founder & Producer

VIP Guest..& Friends

AFA Gala Evening John Leonard, John Taccarino
and Madame Taccarino

Hermitage Gala Annah Roxxah & British Actress Susan Painter