2011 Photo Gallery & Archives


2012 Gallery

Opening Press - Photo call Jury Members, Lamia, Rosana, Ana,
Marie, Dean, Maike, Daniella, Babita, Suzanne


AFA Jury Members from left - Writer Marie Laurence de Rochefort,
Actress Suzanne Kendall, Producer Daniella Gonella,
BBC World Presenter Babita Sharma, Actress Maike Billitis

AFA opening press - photo call Jury President Ana Obregon - Dame of Honour Lamia Khashoggi

Press - Photo Call with Lamia Khashoggi co-founder
"Children for Peace" "ONLUS", Rosana Golden AFA festival director

Monte Carlo - Photo Call - CHILDREN FOR PEACE

We Thank you all for the beautiful Toys donated to
'Cinema Angels - Give a Toy' for the Lenval Children Hospital,
lots love - God Bless, Rosana & Dean

Babita Sharma BBC World with AFA nominated writer Stephen Potts with Gail and the kids

Mediascape UK on spot filming interviews

Chopin Space Concert interview sessions at AFA Monaco

Susan Painter of Mediascape UK interview with Lou Hamilton
writer, director short film "Angie" here with friends

We thank the 2012 Partners & Sponsors

AFA Press Call

Press & Photo Call for Japan's short nominated movie "LOVE" by Sanae Kusaka

Photo call Human Freedom Team & Toys

Photo call with Simon Aitken "San Sous -Titres" UK, nominated short film

Les Très Belles Jury Members, Suzanne Kendall - UK, Marie
Laurence de Rochefort - France, Maike Billitis - Germany

Photo call brilliant smile actor & writer Benjamin Green nominated short film "Without Subtitles" - UK

Photo Call - movie cast & crew team of nominated feature
"A Facebook Romance" Ed Ward, Luba Balagova, Mohy Quandour,
VIP guest, Lamitta Frangieh

Press Call with short nominated film "AYA" - Japan, Yasushi Fuluichi - director, Chihiro Kasahara - actress

All the way from Mexico Producer - Director John Urich-Sass
and his son Alan photo call for nominated film "God Has Arrived"

Photo Call nominated short film "TANGO CHANGES EVERYTHING" - USA, Adrian Roup - writer & director, Babita Sharma - AFA host

Photo Call with stunning director-actress Lou Hamilton
nominated short film "ANGIE" - UK

Photo & Press Call with Melissa Papel and her nominated short film "DELETE ME" - France-Turkey

Avant red carpet gala screening

Avant Gala Screening - The nominated - movie "A Facebook Romance" team, M. Karim, Lamitta Frangieh, Mohy Quandour, Luba Balagova

Handsome Mohamed Karim - actor-director-writer

Avant Gala Screening "Dreams Awake" - USA nominated film, with Jane Berry Deal - exc. producer, Jerry Alden Deal - writer-director, Erin Gray - actress, Jay Deal - producer

Photo Call and nominated writers, from left Dianna Ippolito - USA,
Yana Gibbs - Saint Martin, Alexandra Belegrati - Greece

Photo Call with nominated short "STEALTH" - UK, Hayley Easton Street - director & friend

"DREAMS AWAKE" Gala Opening Hermitage Monaco

Hermitage Monte Carlo Nights with Ana Obregon, Lamia Khashoggi, Marie Laurence de Rochefort, Dean Bentley

VIP Guest "Dreams Awake Gala Film Party" Monte Carlo

Gala Hermitage, Dean Bentley and les deux gorgeous stars Babita Sharma & Lamitta Frangieh

Gala Opening and "LOVE" short film drama Japan Sanae Kusaka
- director & Rena Washino - actress

Hermitage Dreams Awake Gala Party with Ed Ward, Rosana, Jochen Arms, Adrian Roup

Opening Gala Hermitage with "Chopin the Space Concert"
team and Rosana

Gala Girls Suzanne Kendall, Rosana, Golden, Marie Laurence de Rochefort, Ana Obregon filmed by Mediascape UK - Daniel Griggs

Mr. & Mrs. Anita di Sotto sponsor & founder
of La Maison D'Ecosse Monaco

Gala Hermitage with Maike Billitis, Rosana Golden

Dreams Awake Gala Party Hermitage Monaco with Hans
Peter Scheier director of nominated film "HUMAN FREEDOM"
- Switzerland, Zoana Gepner-Muller, Juergen Mueller-Popken

Angel Film Awards opening party avec la bellissima Presidente de la Jurie Ana Obregon

Award Winning Director Mohy Quandour, Rosana Golden,
and Actress Lamitta Frangieh

Gala Opening Monte Carlo elegant & belle VIP Guest, Angie, Eleni, and nominated writer Alexandra Belegrati having a ball

Stunning VIP Industry Guest - Gala with US actress
Erin Gray, writers Jamie Read & Yufei Zhang and Guest

Angel Monaco party nights with VIP Industry Guest - Filmmaker Jacky M. Fox, Juergen, Stefano, festival director Rosana Golden

AFA - MIFF Nominated short film "Tu Ez Moi",
with director Melissa Papel - Rosana Golden
- festival director

VIP's Angel Monte Carlo Gala with Ana Obregon, Dean Bentley, Lamia Khashoggi, Mohy Quandour

Angel Gala "Deams Awake" VIP Monaco Guest
Barry & Friend

Angel Gala Monaco VIP Industry Guest - Actress & AFA Jury Member Suzanne Kendall & nominated Actor Benjamin Green

US Actress Erin Gray, Jacqueline Lestarde
MC Press & charming VIP Industry Guest

Hermitage Gala avec les belle hommes, Jurgen Schaefer, Dean Bentley, Rosana and Ivan Jurcevic

Lovely Couple - Gail and Stephen Potts nominated
writer at the AFA Screenplay - Awards - Section
for "Compass Murphy"

Monaco Press - Nice Matin - Cédric Varany & Anne – Claire

VIP Guest Lorenzo di Luccio & friend

Photo call & Dean Bentley, Babita Sharma, Rosana Golden