2012 Photo Gallery & Archives


2013 Gallery

Adorable Teddies presented by Theresa Douglas (Peace FM)
Rosana Golden (AFA director-organizer), Cindi Jackson
(Amos & Jackson Music Management London)

Press Call: jury and film industry members

Theresa Douglas (Peace FM) & director & actress Kate Lane

Famous Japanese writer, director Hideki Wada introducing his feature film 'MY WAY OF LIFE'

Nominated Screenplay writer Miyako Fuqua and actor
Junichi Kajioka

Press Call at Cinema Lounge, Kate Lane, Cloe Partridge, Theresa Douglas, Rebecca Tranter (Fear Of Water), Teri Hopkins

Press call with filmmaker Martin Gooch & Simon Birks,
Paige Lehnert (The Search For Simon)

Press Call; actress & model Claire Farwell (AFA Jury), Angel Film Awards Honorary President DONOVAN (Musician & Poet), Rosana Golden (AFA Creative Director), award winning writer & poet Luba Balagova (AFA Jury), Dean Bentley (AFA executive producer)

Press call our beautiful host Babita Sharma (BBC World News
Journalist) and VIP Guest

Press Call with film director Gerald Fox and British actress Annabel Mullion (Mother's Milk) feature film

Press call DP film team and Georgina Parren interviewing
Gerald Fox and Annabel Mullion (British filmmaker and actress)

Press call with Dean Bentley (AFA organizer-executive producer) and Sebastian Leitch

Press call with Jodi Nelson & friend Katherine Pither
and Tim Bernard (writers)

On Camera Carol Cleveland (Monty Python - British actress), Claire Farwell (AFA jury), multi-talented filmmaker Yasushi Fuluichi, AFA festival

Press call Georgie Lyons, Rosana Golden, Jacqueline M Fox

Press call with Italian actress Antonella Salvucci a true Angel throughout the entire festival and AFA jury member

AFA Honorary President DONOVAN, Luba Balagova (AFA jury
members), Mohy Quandour (award winning film director)

Jury President Roland Joffé and Festival Executive producer Dean Bentley

AFA Festival Director Rosana Golden & AFA Beautiful Host
Babita Sharma (BBC World News Journalist)

Actress & Director Kate Lane, Screenplay writer Katherine Pither

Press call Lamia, Debbie, Cindi, Rosana and Lola woof woof

Press call with multi-talented actress, singer, director Zoi Florosz and VIP guest & friends Oliver Lauter, Klaus Hildebrand

Press call with Roland Joffé, Nella, Rosana, Ashid Bahl,
Zoi and Martha

AFA Press call with Cliff Nash (multi-talented writer, singer, actor and Maxim Jago (multi-talented writer-director 'Theft Unexpected and 'Strong Heart' both films in official selection)

Search for Simon team - pre-award photo sessions

AFA Jury Members: Luba Balagova, Host & Jury Member Babita Sharma, Claire Farwell, Rosana Golden, President of Jury Roland Joffé, Dean Bentley and the AFA Goodwill Ambassadors Lamia Khashoggi, Debra Mace & VIP Guest.

Dean and Donovan

beautiful Italian actress and jury member Antonella Salvucci

VIP Guest and filmmaker Mike Luve avant gala

Avant Gala with Costa Fam, Yasuhi Fuluichi and friends

NY filmmaker and actress Zoi Florosz on camera

TJ Herbert and belle wife on camera

On camera Georgina and Yasushi

Belle VIP Guest Teri Hopkins on camera

Rosana Golden with director and cinematographer Luke
& Edward White (A Life Like Mine) on camera

Lamia, Dean and Lola Luna on camera

Movie star Lola on camera

Trés chic VIP Guest actress & writer Jodi Nelson and George Reardon

Ashid Bahl interviewed by Georgina Parren

Press Call with Georgina, Edward and Luke White

Filmmakers Miquel Luve & Joào Pedro Soares on camera

Press Call with Rosana Golden Babita Sharma, Jodi Nelson,George Reardon Katherine Pither, Tim Bernard on Camera

Gentleman prefer tux Dean Bentley and Yasushi Fuluichi

On camera Monty Python actress Carol Cleveland and Martin Gooch director 'The Search for Simon'

AFA Executive producer Dean Bentley, Jason Fite UK writer
of Official Screenplay '1914'

Lamia, Debra, Joland Joffé, Valeria Marini, Antonella Salvucci, Rosana Golden

Ladies and Gentleman Babita Sharma Official Host
Angel Film Awards

AFA Jury Member Claire Farwell and Georgina Parren on Camera

Debra, Donovan

The AFA Director & Producer Golden/Bentley are pleased to announce David Lynch's signed poster in gold will be donated to The Foundation for AIDS Research by the Angel Film Awards to be auctioned at the 'Amfar 2014' during Cannes Film Festival at Hotel Du Cap.

Rosana Golden & Costa Fam on camera pre-gala

Goodwill Ambassador Angel Film Awards Lamia Khashoggi
co-founder Children For Peace ONLUS

Angel Film Awards Gala Party Hermitage Monte Carlo

Official movie 'Shoes' team and director Costa Fam opening the film party inside the Salle Belle Époque..

Angel Film Awards gala movie party opening.. with
Troubadour - rock musician DONOVAN and muse Linda

Dean Bentley (AFA producer) opens the evening gala event with Roland Joffé (president of jury)

Angel Film Awards Gala Opening Party avec Rosana Golden
festival director and Luba Balagova (jury member)

VIP party angels at gala Salle belle époque Monte Carlo

Donovan and the Ladies.. Italian Starlet Valeria Marini,
Italian actress Antonella Salvucci,
Russian writer and poet Luba Balagova

Rosana Golden and Italian actress Valeria Marini tuning in with Donovan..

pure art house...truly belle époque

British actress Carole Cleveland (Monty Python), nominated filmmaker Yasushi Fuluichi (Japan), and Jen B Marquise Brown (UK photographer)

Nominated film 'THE SEARCH FOR SIMON' and its director Martin
Gooch and Alexandra Maddison partying the night away
Monte Carlo-Hermitage hotel festival opening..

'The Freedom Of The Heart' nominated film here with Swiss filmmaker Jolanda Ellenberger and VIP Guest at the Opening Hermitage party

Opening Gala Angel Film Awards at Hotel Hermitage
with Sharon and her little Calum!!

No party without award winning director Jerry Alden Deal, British actor & writer Ed Ward, award winning writer Dianna Ippolito and US producer Jane Berry Deal

Gala Opening Dean and the ladies..

Gala with Miyako Fuqua nominated writer, Zoi Florosz nominated film (Children Of The Wind), Rosana Golden, Junichi Kajoka actor, Mike Luve nominated film (In Solitude)

Nominated films (Strong Heart & Theft Unexpected) British
Filmmaker Maxim Jago top class and la belle
at the AFA Gala opening

British actor Maurice Byrne official film selection (Theft Unexpected) and actor producer Suzanne Kendall

Stunning couple Claire Farwell British Fashion Model
- Fashion designer and AFA jury member with her husband
Tenor Gus Farwell

Nominated film 'For the Love Of Children' partying with his friends and musicians Ron McNeill, Georgie Lyons and Neela Chhabra, Junichi Kajoka

British producer TJ Herbert and his belle wife at AFA Gala
Hermitage Monte Carlo

Nominated writers (Still Waters), Tim Bernard, Katherine Pither, Cindi Jackson (Amos & Jackson Music Mgm.), Theresa Douglas (Peace FM) looking stunning..!

Nominated British writer ("1914"), Jason Fité, and singer,
actress, director Zoi Florosz, and nominated film
('Fear Of Water') producer Rebecca Tranter

Nominated film 'The Search For Simon' British director Martin Gooch in back Tux with his crew and friends

Rock n' Roll poet and living legend Donovan
with Opera singer & composer Brooke de Rosa, Paige
Lehnert at the Opening AFA Gala Party Monte Carlo

Jury Member Italian actress Antonella Salvucci and British actress producer Susanne Kendall looking amazing during the gala opening Angel Monaco

Nominated film (My Way Of Life), with the award winning
director Hideki Wada (Japan), Dean Bentley (festival
executive producer and co-founder), with martial arts
VIP Guest from Japan

Nominated British writer Katherine Pither and Japanese filmmaker Yasushi Fuluichi's nominated film (EN-The Colour Of Love)

The artist & musician Cliff Nash and producer Rebecca
Tranter..at the Angel Monaco Party

VIP guest Teri and Barry Hopkins..

Riviera Buzz Journalist and Photographer Mike Colquhoun
with Japanese VIP guest during Angel Monaco
Opening Gala evening

Dean Bentley (AFA festival producer) with Stephanie Boys (Tendance TV and Fashion TV Journalist, France Cote d'Azure)

Rosana and friends...

Dean and Donovan

Bellisima Angel Film Awards Host Babita Sharma
at the Avant-Gala evening

Opening Gala with Theresa Douglas, little Calum and Donovan

Roland Joffé, Babita Sharma, Claire Farwell

Avant Gala Rosana Golden and Babita Sharma

Donovan, Claire Farwell and VIP Guest

Georgina Parren leading us on...


Opening Gala Angel Monaco with writer-director Robbie
Moffat's movie in official selection (I know What I'm Doing),
Donovan and Linda

Antonella Salvucci and Mike Luve

Let's party.. at Pacific Lounge Monte Carlo

all on the dance floor..

Rebecca Tranter CEO- director at M4West Pictures having
a ball with British writer & actor Ed Ward

ohhh not this song...let it rock..by some girls

Suzanne Kendall, Maurice Byrne, Teri Hopkins..

Dean with friends VIP Guest Snezana and Dafina

deeply in love..Gus Farwell and Claire Farwell

party is on..Hideki Wada, Junichi, Miyako Fuqua

'MY Way Of Life' sure the best with Maxim Jago, Ed Ward, Junichi, Hideki Wada

Donovan and Dean

Belle époque.. VIP Guest Jodi Nelson Sag-Aftra
Equity UK having a ball

Mike Luve (IN SOLITUDE) arriving to Gala Opening Hermitage
Monte Carlo

Babita and Aegina

VIP Guest Angel Film Awards Party Hermitage in the
honour of movie Shoes and David Lynch

Dean Bentley AFA Festival Executive Producer, Goodwill Ambassadors Lamia Khashoggi, Debra Mace with friend

Yasushi, Rosana Golden, Babita Sharma avant
gala...having fun at the Angel Monaco

Monaco Gala Party with Miyako, Zoi, Rosana, Junichi, Mike Luve