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AFA Opening Press Call & Evening Gala & Film Party Pictures |  AFA Award Winners & Celebration

Monaco Angel Film Awards Art created
by Laurence GARTEL

Laurence Gartel creator of 2015 Angel Film Awards art poster..
GARTEL also created the 2015 Grammy Award art! Laurence
with Rosana Golden during the evening opening gala event.

The all woman jury 2015 Angel Film Awards is open - from left
the US award winning actress Tara Emerson (AFA host & jury),
US/Bulgarian award winning producer and actress Elika Portnoy
(jury president), Rosana Golden (AFA co-founder festival &
artistic director), Canadian best-selling author & award winning
director, producer Dr. Martha Hart (jury)

A get together during opening of the Angel Film Awards Monaco
photocall’s with filmmakers, writers, jury members and festival producer.

Photo & press call opening day screening

Opening day press & photocall with some of the nominated
filmmakers, cast and crew and nominated writers

Cast and crew of shortlisted British film BIRTHCLOUD
attending the opening day press & photo call

Opening press & photo call with Tammi Christopher,
Virginia Xavier, Dean Bentley, Martha Hart, Elika Portnoy

Actors Love (Schauspieler Liebe) director and producer
Richard and Claudia Rabelbauer attending the opening press
& photocall with Rosana Golden (festival artistic director)
admiring film poster Schauspieler Liebe..

Opening festival photocall with the Team of The Great Green
Wall feature documentary shortlisted for the awards and will
be screened at the Opening Evening session

US producer & filmmaker Kellyann Chippendale presenting her
movie GETTING MEISNERED film is shortlisted - and will be
the opening first film to be seen today.

Take a shoot British feature premiere TAKING STOCK cast
and crew Junichi Kajioka, Maeve Murphy and Rosana Golden

Shortlisted feature film from Japan EARLY SPRING director
and cast attending press call with Monaco press Jacqueline Lestrade

Dean Bentley and Russian actress Ksenia Zaitseva and festival guest

French short film drama L'AMOUR REND AVEUGLE (LOVE IS BLIND)
shortlisted for the AFA crew and cast attending photocall
at the opening festival

Japanese filmmaker Miwa Ono, at the opening press call
with her short film WAIT FOR YOU NO MORE in official selection

Opening press call with British/Turkish fashion designer
Zeynep Kartal, Luba Balagova, Dean Bentley

Jury President Elika Portnoy (award winning producer & actress)
and British actor Jo Ferrera (ROUTE CANAL in official selection)..
having a ball!

Photocall opening day festival with Misaki Matsui from Japan
living in New York presenting her film KASUMI shortlisted at the AFA

AFA opening photocall with the British writer and filmmaker
Josephine Halbert and her screenplay (A SHORT EPIC ABOUT LOVE)
in official selection, and British award winning director
Claude Green his feature film THE DOO DAH MAN in official selection

In Official selection short film THE VOICE IN THE HEAD (UK)
written and directed by Cyrus Trafford

Opening press and photocall with filmmakers and screenplay
writers whose works is been considered

Opening day press call all looking fabulous US actress
& AFA host and jury member Tara Emerson, jury member Martha
Hart and Dean Bentley Angel Film Awards founder and producer

Action..take a shot the US team Chris Liebe. Kellyann Chippendale,
Keleigh Kremers GETTING MEISNERED a short film in official selection
for the Angel Film Awards

Rosana Golden (festival director) and the director of short film
'KASUMI' Misaki Matsui from Japan - in official selection

Photocall with the awards winning Japanese director Hiroshi TODA
and Mica TODA producer and music composer - presenting the feature
film EARLY SPRING, SAKURAJIMA in official selection at the AFA

Fans and friends Melinda and Yoko

Let’s take a picture with Tara's lovely mum and close
friend Connie Anderson

Great group picture filmmakers, writers and jury members

Getting ready for the evening opener red carpet screening
THE GREAT GREEN WALL - Irina & Pasquale Policastro looking fabulous!

Getting ready for the awards ..

Avant awards celebration AFA festival director Rosana Golden holding the coveted Angel Trophy together with the very talented UK writer & director Amanda Brennan her film BIRTHCLOUD shortlisted for the AFA

HOTSHOT Screenplay written and presented
by la belle and talented writer Ella Wagner (US)

Thanks for the great work Pascale (Official Monaco Photographer)..just avant gala awards..

Avant awards shiny happy people awards night
for the Angel's with Claude Green and VIP Guests,
Caudia & Richard Rabelbauer

The Night of the Angels from left US actress
and host Tara Emerson, Rosana Golden festival director,
German actress Nadeshda Brennicke, Dean Bentley AFA festival
producer (Thanks to Mike Colquhoun Official AFA Photographer)

VIP Guest Avant awards night..

The fabulous GARTEL from left Laurence GARTEL
the official US artist creating the 2015 Angel Film Awards
poster & 2015 Grammy Awards art display, and
Lars VEGAS International Productions having a ball!

Avant celebration a touch for good luck..angels in the making..

Photo-call pre-awards night celebration..from left Misaki
Matsui, Rosana Golden, Lars Vegas, Chris Liebe, Keleigh
Kremers, Kellyann Chippendale, David Sheehan, Dean Bentley,
Tara Emerson

Elika Portnoy Jury President Angel Film Awards and her brother Alexander

Photo-call pre awards night from left Spanish director
David Bertran (COMING TO TERMS) and the music composer
Mike Ladouceur (BIRTHCLOUD) looking fabulous

Beautiful and talented Jane Clements (Bewildered), Jo Ferrera
(Route Canal), and VIP guest Linda White

Dean Bentley and Ella Wagner looking fabulous

Photo-call prior awards celebration with Jury President
Elika Portnoy, Jury Members Martha Hart, Eun-ah Lee,
Dean Bentley and Jacqueline Lestrade (Monaco Press)

Excitement prior awards night celebration from Japan & New York Misaki Matsui (KASUMI), Jury board member Eun-ah Lee, Junichi Kajioka (TAKING STOCK), from Poland Lukasz Nyks, Jury member Martha Hart from Canada

Dean Bentley Angel film awards founder
- Producer and German actress Nadeshda Brennicke

Photo-call with Irina & Pasquale Policastro, Malgorzata Frymus, Lukasz Nyks THE GREAT GREEN WALL, the writers Thomas W. Gatus & George A. Perantoni (The War of Lions), writer Piotr Kazuba (Matanzas)

Avant Gala Awards Celebrations photocall with Amanda
Brennan (Birthcloud), Junichi Kajioka, Maeve
Murphy (Taking Stock), Luba Balagova (The Scent Of Infinity)

Avant Celebration photo-call BIRTHCLOUD UK team looking stunning..!

Looking fabulous Ella Wagner (HOTSHOT),
Chris Liebe and Keleigh Kremers (GETTING MEISNERED)

La belle and talented Russian actress Ksenia Zaitseva, Dean Bentley, Luba Balagova, Rosana Golden, Cliff Nash

Awards night interviews with David Sheehan, Keleigh Kremers,
Chris Liebe, Kellyann Chippendale (Getting Meisnered)

Awards night with Miwa ONO Japan (WAIT FOR YOU NO MORE), Jeffrey Mpondo France (LOVE IS BLIND)

Dominik, Sarah, Dean, Keleigh, Radina, Rosana,
Crystal and Lauence GARTEL

Angel Film Awards let's go party..

Kellyann Chippendale and Dean Bentley.
Angel Monaco pre gala soirée

Opening Soirèe at the Angel Film Awards Monaco ladies having fun..Rosana Golden, Tara Emerson, Eun-ah Lee

Angel Film Awards..Gala Opening party
with Lars Vegas, Elika Portnoy, Dean Bentley,
Jeffrey Mpondo Kayleigh O'Connor, Radina Drandova

In stunning gown Keleigh Kremers (US actress in Getting Meisnered), and musician Jeffrey Mpmondo having a ball at the Opening gala soirée

Ella Wagner US Award winning writer
& Dean Bentley joining the Gala opening

Opening Soirée Angel Monaco with Malgosia Frymus, Irina & Pasquale Policastro, Lukasz Nyks makers of The Great Green Wall (Africa for Africa)

Class and glam opening Angel Monaco Soirée
actress and director Sabine Crossen, French
actress Eliza Calmat

Gala Opening with Eun-ah Lee and Alex Trifonova

UK actor and director Joe Ferrera and Japanese
director Miwa Ono having a ball

Rosana's having a ball dancing with Jeffrey..at the at the Angel Monaco opening gala film soiree at Le grand ballroom La Rotonde Lenotré - French Riviera

Let’s have some more more...Russian beluga SVP

The Artist Laurence Gartel and Crystal
opening soirée Angel Film Awards

La belle actress Ksenia Zaitseva
and Dean Bentley Opening Soirée

Shiny happy VIP's Lars Vegas, Sarah Moser, Dominik Heinrich

Fabulous VIP Guest festival opening gala
at grand ballroom film location

Dean Bentley, Amanda Brennan, Justine Priestley, Rachel Neustadt

David & Angie Paradise (in stunning Empire style dress),
Junichi Kajioka at the festival opening gala
at grand ballroom film location La Rotonde Lenotré
- French Riviera

Virginia, Pascale Digeaux, Martha Hart having fun
at the at the Opening gala film evening

Fashion designer Zeynep Kartal and friend with
Luba Balagova, artist Cliff Nash at the
Angel Monaco Opening Soirée

Gala Evening Dean Bentley Co- founder Producer AFA,
Dalia & Jury President Elika Portnoy (Executive Producer, Beast of No Nation)

VIP festival guest and Madame Jacqueline
Lestrade (Monaco Cote d' Azur Press)

Angel Monaco Gala soirée with friends
and VIP guest Stefano Amdiju, Rosana Golden, Dean Bentley

The feeling is right at the Angel Film
Awards love and light to all

Ella Wagner and Jacqueline Lestrade un belle soirée opening Angel Film Awards

True Angel at the Opening Soirée
Misaki Matsui (Kasumi)

Award winning writer and producer Luba Balagova and Russian actress Ksenia Zaitseva

The Birthcloud UK team, actors,
musician and director having a ball

Rosana, Donal, Eun-Ah, Eliza at the festival opening gala at grand ballroom film location La Rotonde Lenotré - French Riviera

Opening Soirée with the film team of The
Great Green Wall, and Screenplay
writer Piotr Kazuba (Matanzas)

Claudia & Richard Rabelbauer (Actors Love) Switzerland; David & Angie Paradise UK, Screenwriter George A Perantoni US at the Opening gala soirée at Le grand ballroom La Rotonde Lenotré - French Riviera

VIP Guest Eun - ah Lee and Junichi Kajioka

We just LOVE Mr. Fabulous Mike Colquhoun taking a shoot

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