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AFA Opening Press Call & Evening Gala & Film Party Pictures |  AFA Award Winners & Celebration

2018 Angel Film Awards Monaco Poster created
by Laurence GARTEL 'DIGITAL TITAN' The world
is not gray and brown but colorful - colours
enhance energy - bringing luck and prosperity
- peace and harmony!!

Red carpet press call awards night with Japanese
VIP female film industry members & Dean Bentley
(festival producer), Rosana Golden (festival director),
Dr. Martha Hart (AFA Host and official Ambassador),
Tammi Christopher (Screenplay Host and Journalist),
Zoi Floroz (actress & jury member), Claudia Ehlert
(Model & former Miss Germany)

Red Carpet photo & press call with the festival
founders & director, producer Rosana Golden & Dean Bentley

Red carpet press call with team of Tokyo 24 & director
Kazuhiro Teranishi and the 2018 AFA Jury members
Spanish actress Belen Ponce de Leon, Spanish award
winning actress & Jury President Ana Turpin, Zoi
Floroz award winning director, musician, actress

Opening press & photo call with feature film
team of GOLDEN LAND (Japan) and the KOON drum
team IKEWAKI live all the way from Japan

Red Carpet Press Call Opening Festival with Dean
Bentley, Rosana Golden, Dr. Martha Hart (AFA Host,
Goodwill Ambassador & Host), Tammi Christopher (Host)
and Jury members composer Mike Ladouceur, actress
Carmina Bernhardt, filmmaker Emil Agopia, actress & director
Rachel Eireann, filmmaker Rob Taylor-Hastings & OJ Hart

Awards night Press Call with Lars Vegas
for German TV Hamburg

Press Call red carpet with VIP members
film industry Japan

Press & Photo call red carpet awards night
VIP members and actors & director TOKYO 24

Red carpet pre-awards photo & press call
with the US team of A LATE SEPARATION (short film
comedy genre) and Rosana Golden festival director...
film scooped 3 awards in Monaco..'Best Ensemble Cast'
(Ed You, Janet Wood, Joey Bothwell, Stephanie Carnes),
Best Producer Gerald Waddell, Best Film Editing Alex Tsagamilis

Monaco Int'l Film Festival red carpet photo call
with star actress from Japan Mai Hakase in her role
in TOKYO 24 winning Best Supporting Actress

Red carpet pre-awards night press & photo call
with the British team of MEA CULPA (short film) UK

Red carpet photo call at the 16 the edition
Monaco International Film Festival with
Rosana Golden festival director

Little Kimono Girl from TOKYO during
the opening press & photo Monaco photo & press call

Cute 'Lola' the festival mascot is as usual
number one..here jumping at Rosana the festival
creative director and Mr. Ghasemi all the way from Tehran

Japanese KOON drum artist performance opening
the Monaco International Film Festival

The official screening for the movie THE CASTLE
from Iran first time for the young female
filmmaker Saba Ghasemi here with her parents from Teheran

Rosana Golden festival director taking charge of young
talent from Iran Saba Ghasemi first time film director,
Eri Tsukimoto from Japan

The Team of the Hungarian feature film THE DEVOTED
red carpet photo & press call director Zsolt Pozsgai,
actors Mate Szabo, Adam Lux, Rosana Golden Dean
Bentley festival producer, director

The Angel Monaco International jury board 2018 red
carpet photocall with Zoi Florosz, Ana Turpin
(jury president), Mike Ladouceur, Belen Ponce
de Leon, Carmina Bernhardt

Red carpet photo call with David Moscato Producer
of CLUB OF 27 (film on Giuseppe Verdi), and newcomer
cast Noa Zatta, Giacomo Anelli

SMILES LEADING TO HAPPINESS feature film from Japan
and the lovely female cast during press & photo call sessions

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